Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Most Hilariously Cringey Moments in Series 4 of The Apprentice.

It ended over a week ago, but I’m still in heavy The Apprentice-mood. Here are my picks for the funniest/most embarrassing moments in the series:

01.The 24-hour hotline for laundry.
02. Kevin's analogy of the US not caring about global warming.
03. Michael's supposed Jewishness.
04. "It's like I've had to breast feed you."
05. Lee's spelling on his application form.
06. "If you don't pull your weight you're going to the boardroom, simple as that"
07. Raef saying his words are his tool .
08. "Who loves their tissues? Do you love your washing up liquid?"
09. Losing people's clothes in the laundry task
10. Michael begging in the boardroom
11. Jenny getting bored when talking about the product she pitched.
12. Michael stalking the guy to try and flog him an hour in the Ferrari.
13. “I’m only 24!” Yes Alex, we know. You only said about 1000 times
14. Michael trying to explain where half the pizza went.
15. The pathetic acting in the Atishu advert
16. Lee's Atishu pitch
17. Sara's crappy attempts to sell wedding cake.
18. "Excuse me, have you heard of a Zoner?"


anahita said...

looooooooll...oh the stupid things they did...

monkey said...

one of the most embarrassing was the girls asking for tips after doing the laundry. shameless!

Emma said...

Oh yeah... the "blag" factor. At least sralan (rightly) gave them a bollocking afterwards.

Ello!! I'm at school right now, waiting to find the Head of Sixth to give in all my textbooks. So I'm kinda just sittings round in the library twiddling my figures and surfing the net. I should probably get a book to read

... But instead, it's googling footballers and shite =D

Anonymous said...

When Raef said "A DiCaprioesque type of acting"

Emma said...

Heehee. Gotta love Raef!

Dallas Willcox said...

What about the three hours spent trying to decide where to put an apostrophe? It is episodes like that, and Lee's spelling mistakes on his job application, that keep me in business! The Apprentice currently features on my website.

Dallas Willcox said...

Re the comment above, my website

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the previous seasons Em?