Thursday, June 11, 2020

Dress review: ADELA DRESS (Hobbs)

The work aesthetic that I aim for with my sartorial choices is demure and classy. Whether or not I realise those objectives are another matter, but, to help achieve this aim, I have few, but not inexpensive pieces from three retailers which I think exude elegance: Hobbs, Ted Baker and Hawes and Curtis.

In terms of Hobbs dresses worn at work, I rotate between three: the previously-reviewed Harper dress, the Mariatta dress, and the Adela dress.

As the photograph below shows, the Adela dress falls below the knee, which threatens to render the dress on the matronly side. This can be countered by pairing the dress with some decent heels, to give the legs some elevation. The heels do need to be substantial, however, not like the practically non-existent heels I'm wearing in the photo!

The pairing of navy and teal, two colours that in theory should not go together, is bold, and the salmon waistband bringing the top and bottom of the dress together, even more so. Yet, due to the good quality of the material used, the Adela dress pulls off the look. I think, due to the dark colours of the dress, this dress suits those with a tanned complexion more. Indeed, the way the navy looks against my skin is one of my favourite things about it!

The sleeves of the Adela dress are about the same length as those in a T-shirt, but, due to this being from Hobbs, they are pleasingly fitted. This means I could wear the dress in the office well into late Autumn, and not feel cold, because the sleeves give very welcome insulation. So, it was a nice alternative to have to the Harper dress, which I thought was more of a spring/summer dress due to its light colour and sleeveless shape.

My main gripe on the Harper dress, and what prevented me from giving it the perfect A-grade, was that it was too tight at the bust, and sadly, this is an issue with the Adela dress as well. Furthermore, the Adela dress is also tight on the stomach, meaning that if I had a big lunch, I could instantly feel the constriction of the dress, which isn't ideal!

Obviously, the alternative is to get the next size up (12 for me), but then the shape loses its regal fit, and I thought that too large a price to pay.

So, of my Hobbs dresses, the Adela is probably the most mature and least playful one, but it's good to have a dress like that, to show one is serious sometimes!

Grade: B+


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Anonymous said...
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Emma said...

What gives you that impression, anon?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, there's something about your crazy personality and cuteness that leads me to believe that.

Anonymous said...

Maybe crazy not the right word. Vibrant personality.

Emma said...

Why thank you, I think? What of my online presence makes you think I have a vibrant personality? :D