Saturday, February 06, 2016

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ermei Sichuan (Chinatown)

I went to Ermei Sichuan restaurant with a British person who didn't seem familiar with the principle that usually it's the worst foods that are flogged on the set menus, and, being too polite to bruise his fragile male ego, let him go ahead and choose the set menu.

The food was plentiful, and, some of it, delicious. The egg-fried was good compared to some of their lazier Chinatown neighbours, and the liquid element of the chicken soup (pictured at the far right) was precisely what one needed on a blisteringly cold January evening. However, the actual chicken component of the soup itself tasted underdone, and the meat thing (bottom, centre) was full of cheap fatty pork and practically inedible.

However, I'm willing to be generous, given that we basically did ask for the worst foods (anyone who knows Chinese restaurants you should stay clear from the set menus), and the wines were very reasonably priced. Furthermore, the waitresses were extremely obliging and helpful, especially, given the spiciness of the food, I asked for tissues and water countless times.

So overall, a very pleasant dining experience, and one I will probably visit (I hear they have karaoke booths). But in future, I will be attending with people who have enough street-smarts to know not to order the set menu, which almost always consists of the bastard stuff no-one wants to eat.


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