Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 10 Girls Aloud song lyrics that I connect to.


Back to the Girls Aloud obsession once again! One of the many things I love about their songs is that I can always recognise something of myself in their lyrics. So here are 10 of their song lyrics which I feel I connect to:

01. “Without any meaning, we’re just skin and bone, like beautiful robots dancing alone” – Untouchable

02. “Boy did you ever think that loving would be nothing more than walking me home? No no” – Sexy! No No No…
03. “My Aladdin’s lamp is down and I got a fear, ooh baby, right here” – The Promise
04. “It might sound crazy but your voice still leaves me all funky” – Whole Lotta History
05. “You could be the one that’s the head of the pack, babe. You could be the power stealing the whole damn show” – Crocodile Tears
06. “Surfing channels ‘til I bleach out the pain” – Memory of You
07. “I got you, I know your game. Doesn’t mean I know how to play” – History
08. “Gone are the days of magic, those times were cool. I tried to make love not hate, what was I to do” – Rolling Back the Rivers in Time
09. “I've been waiting all this time for you / And I've been hatin' all this talkin', baby, black and blue” – Waiting
10. “Wake me up before I drop out on you / You treat me rough to show that you care / And I just can't refuse baby” – Wake Me Up

Oh, would you look at that, nearly all of them relate to love, and the pangs of disappointed love. Typical Bung!


Katie said...

Definitely would have thought there'd be some "Call the Shots" in there!

Emma said...

Call the Shots has SO MANY astounding lines, so it was impossible to pick one from it!! You're right in that it's currently my song du jour though! I hate men!