Sunday, September 07, 2008


01. Summer 2008. How was it for you?
02. Who’s your favourite girl band?
03. If you ever met Ray Winstone, what would you tell him his worst performance was? Or would you stay silent?
04. What’s your favourite game to play on Wii/Playstation?
05. Who do you consider to be the ugliest actors and actresses?


Catherine said...

01. It was all right. I didn't manage to get a job, but I did plow through dozens of great books, went abroad and managed to catch up with friends I haven't seen in ages. All in all, very relaxing after examinations!
02. I'm not sure how you mean that, but I'll interpret it as any band made up purely of women. So, in that case I'll say... Sleater Kinney.
03. I'd probably stay silent, cause I'm not 100% sure who he is.
04. Wii Fit and Singstar.
05. Steve Buscemi is the obvious choice. I was watching Fargo with my mam, who'd never seen him before, a while ago and halfway through, she asked me "Is that what that man really looks like?". All through the film, she kept going, "...and you're sure they're his real teeth?".

DC said...

01. It was good but wet, on holiday in England visiting friends and family.
02. Do The Ting Tings or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs count? if not it will have to be Girls Aloud
03.I will keep quiet
04. Mario & Sonic Olympics/Guitar Hero
05.William Sadler & the women who plays Dr Cox's wife in Scrubs

J.D. said...

01. Probably really good, for a lot of different reasons.
02. The Dixie Chicks! Duh.
03. I'd probably just mention Beowulf and start giggling.
04. No Wii. And I haven't had a PS of any kind since like 2003. :'(
05. Hmm... I don't know? I guess I don't think in terms of ugliness, LOL.

Anonymous said...

1. I am eager to have better next year.
2. Electrelane at the moment but CocoRosie impressed me too.
3. Who is he? :-)
4. I used to play CM/FM on PC. Currently no games.
5. I concentrate on pretties.

Emma said...

Ray Winstone. You guys have seen something from him, you know you have!

the misomaniac said...

1. sucked.
2. the slits! cant think of any dece swedish girl bands at the moment.. :(
3. assuming j.d. doesnt get shot for his giggling, i'd mention fool's gold and do the same.
4. rock band. maybe.
5. tori spelling. if she even counts. good god, that woman is hideous.

Emma said...

Eh, he was in Fool’s Gold? (I haven’t seen it). That worries me. It sounds almost as embarrassing as when I saw my beloved Tim Robbins in an Austin Powers movie. *shudders*