Friday, July 13, 2007

95. Volver (Pedro Almodóvar, 2006).

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Anonymous said...

Cruz in Volver > Mirren in The Queen.

Emma said...

Oh, that's a given. Though I do prefer Ivana to both of them.

I believe my ranking stands:

01. Ivana (Pan's Labyrinth)
02. Penélope (Volver)
03. Jennifer (Alpha Male)
04. Kate (Red Road)
05. Meryl (DWP)

Luke said...

How is Penélope so beautiful?

My ranking is:

01. Penélope (Volver)
02. Maggie (SherryBaby)
03. Judi (Notes on a Scandal)
04. Helen (The Queen)
05. Ellen (Hard Candy)

Sorry, Ivana. You're at #7.

Emma said...

Yay, Luke, you commented!

I always hope you’ll comment on my blog more often.

Maggie was great, she’d make my top 10. Judi Dench’s performance chilled me for the first time I saw it, but on repeat viewings, it was less effective.

Yay, stop by more often please. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emz!

Following your Economics presentation (that Tommo loved so much) this week, I googled some of Marina Hyde's writings.

You were right: Marina Hyde is indeed a bad journalist.

These are her worst:

Embarrassing, really.

Anonymous said...

omg. This one's even worse!

That woman needs to stop writing!