Sunday, May 06, 2007

She. (Beautiful Actresses Under 30 to the Setting of Elvis Costello.)

So, it struck me that on this blog, I'm forever dedicating too much time and referencing to my "loverboys", Leo, Jakey, Mr. McAvoy, Gael, etc. I never seem to consider the desires of the male readers of this blog. So, think about the prettiest actresses under 30, I came up with:

She might be the face you can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
May be the treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the sun on summer sets
May be the chill in autumn breeze
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of the day.

Don't read futher if you visit the blog soley for your fix of films.

Aside from that, there's not much to be happy about.

Manchester Utd win the Premiership over the much worthy Chelsea. I feel like likening this to Crash winning over Brokeback Mountain, but the case isn't that severe. I mean, Utd at least have good players like Paul Scholes and Van Der Sar and, er.... well, they have Scholes and Van der Sar. What does Crash have?

*scratches head.*

Anyway, I feel sorry for Chelsea. Just look at the boys here, trying to hide their disappointment.
Chelsea, Chelsea, I belie-

I refuse to whine too much, however, and I will accentuate the positives. Chelsea's season, the highlights-

Well, Chelsea, it was certainly fun whilst it lasted for ya.

Other "Ughs"
Ugh, Physics practical in just over a weeks time.

Ugh, my glasses are dirty.

Ugh, I feel fat.



Anonymous said...

You guys played well today. Really well. You know I don't hate Chelsea or anything, despite being a Gooner, and I wanted you guys to win it over Manure.

Did you get any revision done?

Emma said...

Well, Monkey, if by revision you mean watching the TV anxiously whilst trying to do difficult M1 questions, then yes, you could say I revised.

I'm more disappointed *for* chelsea than anything else. They had potential to be Gods.

Hottest player on the pitch? (Don't say Lampard, please.)

Anonymous said...

nice picture, emma!

Anonymous said...

Er... can we talk about Cambridge instead?

No Lampard, no hotness. No Ballack either. And I'm hardly going to say Boulahrouz or Carvalho now, am I?

Maybe Cech, if pushed.

So which college in Cambridge will you apply to, Emma?

Emma said...

Ewwwwww Boula really pissed me off with his sending off. Though Chelsea did play better without him. :rolleyes: But Riccy? He's a *great* player, but he looks like some South Park character! Zummer!

I don't think I will apply to Cambridge after all. I'm a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Emma, I know, it was horrible! I don't support Chelsea for the same reasons as you (Robben's a mug), but it srsly broke my heart to watch Lampy aiming and aiming and aiming at the goal, but missing!

I saw Spider-Man III afterwards, though, which cheered me up. You seen it?

Anonymous said...

Spidey 3 was nothing special, but the effects were good.

And Fat Frank is shit. The best Chelsea player is Drogba.

Emma said...

Well, my favourite Chelsea player is Arjen Robben so I'm a bit biased towards him, but yeah, Drogba and Essien have carried Chelsea this season. Lampard has been anything but "shit" too, he's been one of their key players. Cech, Carvalho, Terry, the others come close, but I think Chelsea have all been great this season. Except Ballack, Ashley Cole, Boula, et al.

What would you give Spider Man III out of 10?

Anonymous said...

Robben dives too much.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he does. And he's bald. He's an ugly bugger, alright. Van Persie is a better footballer, and better looking!

And you will apply, Emma! I'm applying so, you you definitely should.

I think I'll apply for archeology.

I love Elvis Costello.

Anonymous said...

I love essien's goal. Love Emily Blunt and Bryce Dallas Howard as well.

Hate Peter crouch, though...

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty stunning pic of Emily, did you take it?

Anonymous said...

Yes to Alison.
yes to Audrey.
yes to bryce.
Yes to Emmy.

NO to Emily.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you compared Manchester utd to Crash. What does that make Don Cheadle? Cristiano Ronaldo?

Although I wouldn't be surprised at all if Chelsea were Brokeback. Pansies.

As for a film to watch, Happy Feet was a bad idea, go with Mulholland Dr. And give it its deserved rating of A* this time round.

Emma said...

A*? That's the grade you got for German, English and P.E.!

Anodynous Roxy said...

I was writing a tribute post after the game, but I saved it in draft because I was busy looking for more pics to do.

And that pic of the three of them hugging made me want to be a part of it.

When we play ManUre next, someone has got to break that gayboy's legs so that he won't play in the FA Cup Final. Hahaha.

I am upset, but at the same time I am so proud of them =)

Luke said...

You and I obviously have very different taste in women. Emily Blunt is not particularly attractive. I love Audrey Tautou's eyes, though.

Burnzy said...

Thanks for the comment on my "Heat" image, Emma. You can use the image as you feel necessary.

Regards, Chris.

Anonymous said...

emily blunt looks like a frog

i like norah jones and james blunt, tho.

Lucas Dantas said...

ha don't mind me... i love your loverboys!! except jake and gael, of course.

Anodynous Roxy said...

Oh, I've done my tribute post, by the way.

Go check it out. =)

I miss Arjen Robben =(

And sadly Riccy Carvalho too (no I do NOT have a crush on him, my friend keeps annoying me about what I said when I was a little drowsy).

Next season, it's Chelsea's title.

Kayleigh said...

Wow you put Zooey and Bryce (my numbers 4 and 2) so just for that you get major love! :D
Good choice with Audrey she under 30...and there is nothing wrong with constant loving sessions over Jake/James/Gael...i think a little perving each day makes everything better!

golden_hawk said...

So, 'Samson' is actually a beautiful song. It really is, but you can take it. I'll take 'She.' The second She (Elisha from 24), not the first She (Emily from Prada).

Emma said...

@ anonymous: What has James Blunt got to do with this thread? Such a zummer!

@ TTG - as I said, Chelsea may not have won the Premiership, but they have safely won a place in my heart. I love them.

@ Golden Hawk - fine.

Mitchellnfkl said...

Thanks for the comment on my "Heat" image, Emma. You can use the image as you feel necessary. Regards, Chris.