Monday, November 10, 2008



For Diego Luna, becoming a dad has simplified his life.

"Well, it's just everything is easier now," the Mexican-born actor says of his 11-week-old baby boy, Jeronimo, Saturday while promoting his new drama, Milk, in Beverly Hills. "There is just one reason for you to be here. It's to make sure someone else is happy, and [he] has everything he needs. It's as simple as that."

Plus, Luna, 28, adds, Jeronimo is "the only guy who is not judging me now."

In Milk, Luna's character Jack Lira falls in love with Sean Penn's 1970s gay rights champion Harvey Milk. A performance his wife, Camila Sodi enjoyed, Luna tells PEOPLE.

"She laughed a lot about it," he says, adding that Camila has been spending time at home, "taking care of the baby."

"I'm here just talking about a film – it's just a film – everything now is just what it is," he says. "It can't be so important. Now, there's just one thing that really matters. It's a different kind of love that you didn't know existed. It makes everything easier really."



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