Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anyone seen this movie?


I haven't seen it yet, will do so soon. What did you think of it?


J.D. said...

I LOVED it. Bleak, uncompromising, and excellently made. Moore is incredible. It's damn underrated.

Catherine said...

I was going to see it the day it opened, but the time it was showing at was awkward for me, so I saw Waltz With Bashir instead. This weekend I went to see it, but it had disapeared from the cinema! Which must mean nobody saw it the first week. Shame. I'll probably have to wait for the dvd.

Loved the book, though. Love Julianne Moore.

the misomaniac said...

underrated, but at other times quite cheesy and predictable. mostly since mark ruffalo's acting is kind of annoying.

i do enjoy julianne moore in fatsuit though.