Saturday, September 06, 2008

People magazine looks back at the movies of the Summer.

the scan

This is what it said:
Best in Show: The Dark Knight
Funniest performance, intentional: James Franco, Pineapple Express
Funniest performance, unintentional: Pierce Brosnan, Mamma Mia!
Summer MVP, Male: Robert Downey Jr
Summer MVP, Female: Penélope Cruz
Worst Ending: Bung and the City Movie
Best comback: Tom Cruise, Tropic Thunder
Least Memorable: that Indiana Jones movie that came out
Best Romance: Wall-E

- Good to see Penélope Cruz on there for female MVP (Most Valuable Player). Though I haven't seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, it looks like a really interesting movie and I hear that Scarlett's trampiness is redeemed by her and Rebecca Hall's loveliness. Plus, I have seen Elegy and whilst the movie itself could be a candidate for "Least Memorable", Penélope Cruz was on sizzling form in it.
- Massive yay for Wall-E as best romance. I think it was one of the most beautiful romances I've ever seen. The romance was so innocent, and different, and refreshing, and cute... And it's not just Wall-E who fell in love with Eve; I did too.

Banana Bung

- Do I detect a hint of snobbery? Pierce Brosnan wasn't brilliant in Mamma Mia! (his singing... no thanks!) but he didn't have to be, and I can produce a litany of Summer performances that were much more unintentionally funny than his: Keira & Sienna in The Edge of Love, Luke Goss in Hellboy 2, those two who can't stop bunging in The X-Files Movie, etc etc etc.
- I'm not sure if the film came out in the States, but Somers Town was one of my favourite films of the year. At 75 minutes long, it was a bit of a rip-off where ticket prices are concerned, but the ease and subtlty at which Shane Meadows captured a friendship between two boys in North London was an absolute joy, not least in its own idiosyncracies (one boy gives the other a counterfeit Arsenal shirt with "Terry Henry" on the back).

For the lulz.

- Don't think I would have The Dark Knight as the best film of the Summer. Whilst it had many, many amazing qualities and was highly entertaining and thrilling, Wall-E just did a bit more for me. I ♥ Wall-E.


paul haine said...

"At 75 minutes long, it was a bit of a rip-off where ticket prices are concerned"

So you think ticket prices should reflect the length of the film? You'd pay twice as much as normal to see, for instance, one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

The Traipsing Gypsy said...

Hey Emma, sorry I haven't been dropping by here and the LJ as often as I used to. Real-life has been an awful bitch to me.

I ♥ Wall-E too! You two weren't the only ones who fell in love with Eve too =)

Just to let you know also...I'm planning to write a fic again. Will let you know once I'm done with it =)

Catherine said...

Wall-E was my favourite summer film, too. So, in my book, Pixar was the all round MVP.

I liked Somers Town, but still thought it was too slight to constitute a feature film. It was funny and beautifully shot, but I wish there was more to sink your teeth into.

Emma said...

Hey Rowena!! Have missed you very much!

What's happened with you then?

Quick update on my life since we last spoke, I got into my second choice University (Bath), which means I won't be staying in London, sadly, but I'm very excited about living in Bath. And that's it really. :S :S

Ooooh slash!! What pairing?

Emma said...

@ Paul: nope, certainly wouldn't pay any more to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I'd avoid seeing it at all if possible!

Kayleigh said...

I've seen The Dark Knight twice and it just improved with repeat viewings. You could spot so many little things. I don't know whether I prefer that or Wall-E though. I'd love to see them both nominated heavily at the Oscars. I liked Pierce in Mamma Mia. Sure he couldn't sing a note but he got everything else down really well.

The Traipsing Gypsy said...

I've missed you too!

Well, to sum what's happened with me: I've started my third and final year of university, my brother got married and I'm getting used to having another person (my sister-in law) living at home with us.

I'm thinking JT/Lampsy. I've lost my writing muse because of the wedding and such.

Congrats on Bath! Too bad you're not staying in London, you could've stalked Gareth Bale. Haha.

Missy said...

I think funniest ,performance unintentional is the whole X-Files film. What a bunch of rubbish that film was. My fav of summer is Dark Knight and you should see VCB, Cruz is awesome.

Emma said...

Promise I will, Missy! As soon as it comes out in the UK, I'll see it! *nods*

Farzan said...

Good post. Most of those seem pretty accurate to me.

paul haine said...

Anyone looking for unintentionally-hilarious performances definitely needs to watch The Oxford Murders.

Anonymous said...

And it's not just Wall-E who fell in love with Eve; I did too.

Emma's a lesbian!

Emma said...

If loving Eve from Wall-E means I'm les, I don't wanna be straight! :D

Anonymous said...

what a rug muncher

Anonymous said...

what a rug muncher