Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some movies I has seen recently.

Practically sentence-long reviews, because I’m not feeling too articulate.

- Wanted
Angelina. James. Lotsa guns. Kinda sexy. Kinda fun.

- Sex and the City Movie
Yeah, so it was shallow. Yeah, so it was predictable. Yeah, so there were a lot of labels. But I like all those things. Anyone who willingly chooses to sit through SATC will enjoy it.

- Dear Frankie
So underrated and beautiful, with some amazing acting from Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler, and mostly, the young lad in the movie. And they played Spiegel im Spiegel! ♥

- Evita
Entertaining. I like musicals now.

- Bigga than Ben
Ironically, my problem with the film is that it wasn’t “big” or overblown enough. But it’s a sweet little black comedy in its own right with an amazing soundtrack. One of the better films of 2008 thus far.

- Fantasia 200
Pretty, but I prefer the original.

- Peter’s Friends
Brannagh! Laurie! Fry! Thompson! Staunton! And the result is, thankfully, equal to the sum of its parts, a thoroughly charming and witty Britcom. ♥


Kayleigh said...

Glad you liked Dear Frankie, it's one of my favourite films. The ending is always tear inducing. I watched Peter's Friends recently too, I'm on a bit of a Branagh splurge recently.

anahita said...

did someone mention hugh laurie?? ok, must check that out. and I haven't been to the cinema since february, I seriously want to cry. unfortunately, priceless and the edge of love aren't showing here, but I still need to see Indiana Jones, and also maybe Mamma Mia. Is anyone else interested in that?? xxx

Emma said...

I wanna see Mamma Mia!!! It looks absolutely wonderful. I love ABBA, I love Meryl Streep, I love romcoms... yayness!

Oh, and in reply to your comment on your blog, Imperial's Defs out of the question. They wanted too much from me. I'm just crossing my fingers for my second choice. If I am lucky enough to get in, you have to come down for an open day, k? :D

Kayleigh said...

I really want to see Mamma Mia too, it's one of only 2 musicals I've seen on West End, and I adore ABBA.
Anahita - you can get the whole film of Peter's Friends on YouTube.

J.D. said...

Dear Frankie!!!!!!!!!!! UGH, that movie. One of the only movies that really makes me cry. *sniffle*

Emma said...

I cried too! (Though I cry far too much). But yeah. So moving. :'(

Emma said...

I cried too! (Though I cry far too much). But yeah. So moving. :'(

craig said...



Emma said...

Sex and the City rocks! One of the first things I dead with my driving liscence was prove I was 18 so I could buy the DVD boxset!

craig said...

how pathetic

Emma said...

Dear, I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m pathetic.

I want to stalk Ballack but I can’t now.

Just a girl said...

Oooh, I really want to see Wanted (not out yet) and SATC!! Just saw Get Smart and loved it.


ankyonline said...

kewl movies

Martín said...

Wanted looks cool. I'll probably see that.

No way I'm watching SATC, being a straight guy and all...

Evita is cool. I tend to like musicals, and I like the epic scale of it. Madonna sings better than ever.

Fantasia 2000 is pretty, indeed. I believe you missed a "0" there :P

And I want to see Peter's Friends. Just today I was talking to a friend who said she loved it.

Naomi said...

Whilst I enjoyed Peter's Friends for obvious reasons, Brannagh's drunk acting is the worst I've ever seen.

Rusty said...

yuck, I hated the Sex and the City movie. I watched every episode of the series and despised the movie.