Friday, December 17, 2021

Sponsored post: RINSTA fashion, glamorous Y2K fits

I was kindly sent two cardigans from RINSTA, a hot new website that specialises in Y2K-style aesthetic. Here are some snaps of me in said cardigans!

The first is this adorable pink cherry cropped cardigan. I love the contrast between the vivid red used for the cherries and the baby pink. The red buttons are seriously cute, and I love the detailing of the cherries, including the green of the stalks. 💖

As shown in the photos, it pairs well with a plain T-shirt underneath the cardigan (to highlight the cropped fit), and a miniskirt. The cardigan looks great button or unbuttoned.

I used the same white T-shirt, denim miniskirt and knee-high boots combination with the second cardigan, a lilac daisy knit: 

This cardigan is made of a slightly thicker material than the cherry one, making it ideal for looking glamorous in the winter. I think the balance of the size and number of flowers on the sweater is ideal – not too many which would look cluttered, but enough so that you notice them.

The white of my T-shirt really brings out the white of the daisies. Again, the button choice is on point, old-style buttons to contrast with the Y2K vibe of the floral print. 

I really love pastel colours, so these two cardigans fitted in with my dream style (feminine and cute) perfectly! 

RINSTA currently have discount codes available: 
TA15 for 15% off 
TA20 for 20% off if order over $65

So what are you waiting for? Check them out for the trendiest, most unique Y2K looks around!


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steveazo said...

Hi Emma,

Yeah, I'd say you definitely achieved your dream style: feminine and cute! Beautiful.

Take care,

Emma said...

Very kind of you!