Friday, April 25, 2014

RESTURANT REVIEW: BiBimBap (Charlotte Street)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of dining at BiBimBap, a delightful Korean restaurant on the happening Charlotte Street. To kick off proceedings, I had some Korean plum wine. It was served in a glass a little larger than a shotglass, with an actually grape in the glass. Cute!

I had two sides: the indispensable seafood pancake, which, as ever, did not disappoint, as well as squid. Both whetted my appetite sufficiently for the main meal, and, graciously, managed to be delicious without being inundated in sauce, meaning you could actually savour the flavour of the food. In the region of £6 each, these both represent good value for such healthy appetisers. In addition to the taste, what really struck me about each of the BiBimBap dishes were the flood of colours in each of the dishes. Every dish was presented meticulously and gorgeously, looking as good as it tasted.

For main, I had the chilli chicken bibimbap. The balance between the meat and the greens was spot-on, and the fried egg on top added to the visual and sensory pleasure that was the meal. The staff were super-attentive throughout my stay, and unlike at other places where they disappear off and forget what you ask for, I was looked after within seconds of my request, which impressed me greatly. Furthermore, for a little extra, you can get brown rice (cooked so that it is deliciously crisp), further boosting this place’s healthiness credentials.

I was the first one in the restaurant when it opened at 6pm, but it got busy very quickly. Considering the cultural treat that a visit to this place was, I’m not surprised! The prices are very reasonable and the down-to-earth, hospitable atmosphere makes this a perfect place to bring friends to for a fun night out. Don’t miss out. You can check out their website here.

Grade: A

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