Monday, December 03, 2012

Product Review: Barratts Mid High Slouch Casual Boots

With the bitter cold of the English winter hitting us, I like to make sure every layer of my skin is fully covered. The skinny-jeans-and-boots combination is one way I can stay vaguely fashionable, whilst still warding off the cold, and the boots that have aided me in doing this best have been my trusted pair of tan Mid High Slouch Casual Boots from Barratts.

Comfort-wise, they are just right; I have also been wearing my Hunter boots on occasion, which are made of such a thick rubber that they weigh on the feet after long walks, as well as my New Look suede pair, for which the material was too flimsy and thin to offer my feet sufficient protection from the cold. These boots – nicknamed Poodle – are made from a soft leather material that feels great to touch but also does the job in actually covering our tooties.

Aesthetically, they work a treat too, covering my jeans just right and coming up just about mid-way on my calves. This style is available in two colours – black or tan- both colours which complement any choice outfits (especially the black ones). I, however, opted for tan, as the shade of brown of these boots were just completely perfect and suits my skin tone better.

The low heel makes these boots very practical for walking in (perfect as I have a steep hill to get up on a daily basis) and very rarely for a pair of new shoes, I have experienced absolutely no problems in transitioning my feet into them. The softness of the material also means that my legs feel no discomfort either; quite the contrary, they are wonderfully shielded by the fabric. Perfect!

Grade: A+

(the boots can be bought here. Alternatively, check out Barratts' boots section, where everything is currently 30% off!)

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