Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,

P-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker Face.


It's now two weeks at number 1 for the amazing Lady Gaga, who is taking the world by storm with her amazing electro-pop beats. The quick history is that she started out as a songwriter to the likes of Britney Spears and Pussycat Dolls whilst doing a bit of singing of her own on the fringe circuit, before she hit the big time. Her sounds are everywhere I turn - all over capital fm, nightclubs, episodes of Skins, in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic - but I don't mind a jot, because I love her music. In fact, I personally don't think I hear enough of her, and hence, #09 of my favourite songs of hers is my current alarm clock tune on a Wednesday.

I first got into Lady Gaga when I downloaded her The Fame CD on a whim in Summer 2008, but soon I was hooked, and mouthing the words along. She is utterly awesome.

Personal top 10 Lady Gaga songs -
01. Poker Face
02. LoveGame
03. Boys, Boys, Boys
04. Fashion
05. Just Dance
06. Paparazzi
07. Brown Eyes
08. I Like it Rough
09. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
10. Starstruck


anahit said...

on your new banner (which I love by the way), what's the film with the two girls walking away? xx

Emma said...

Thanks! The lovely Paul Haine made it for me a very long time ago, and I just mildly tweaked it, et voila!

And the film is Innocence, highly recommended! (Though I think you may find it a bit overly-sinister.)

anahit said...

ok, you may not believe this, but I was thinking that it reminded me of innocence!! I've not seen it but it's been scattered about on your blog, the french lolita one with marion cotillard, right? and I may give it a go...

Emma said...

Oh, I really do like it, so you should give it a watch. But yeah, it is weird.

Just a girl said...

I ♥ Lady Gaga! I adored Just Dance, and Poker Face is even better, I crank it up whenever it's on the radio. In fact they 'dedicated' it to me at the last party when they played it because I requested it. =D


Besty said...

Emz I want to visit you in Bath for your 19th birthday party :( :( :(

Emma said...

Me too, my darling bung!!!! Just come down from Scotland. Or bunk lectures and miss the beginning of term altogether. You has to be there!!

Also, am currently watching The Inbetweeners. You're right, it is comedy gold. :) said...

Visit in bath ... hahah funny