Friday, March 09, 2012

March Energy Drink Mayhem

March is going to be an extremely coursework-intensive month, and sleep is gonna have to be a treat that I can’t afford. As such, energy drinks will be as vital to my diet this month as sundried tomatoes. When it comes to energy drinks, I was always a bit of a Red Bull girl, just because of their brand and their hilarious “Red Bull gives you wings!” adverts. However, due to their reputation, they’ve been able to ride on that and charge a fair bit more for their drinks than other brands. As it’s the recession, I cannot afford to tie myself to Red Bull and their big price tags. So I thought I’d shop around and trial a few other energy drinks, and review them, before I find my definitive wing-giver.

So I started with the green-packaged Mountain Dew Energy drink. The reason why I picked this one first is rather obscure; as you may have noticed, I have developed a bit of a thing for the babe that is Lana del Rey, and one of the top tracks on her Born to Die album is “Diet Mountain Diew”. So that’s the reason, tenuous as it is.

The drink itself is extremely fizzy, fizzier than your standard energy drink, and even more so than Diet coke from Macdonald’s, to be honest. The taste itself is fine, fairly fruit and tangy, and it kicks almost immediately; Thursdays are my busiest day so when I drank it I was fairly downtrodden but within 10 minutes of consumption, I definitely felt a kick. It’s very functional too, the kick lasted for a good four hours, rendering Mountain Dew Energy drink a good little investment.
Taste: 6
Packaging: 7
Doing the job: 9
Value for money: 8
Overall: 30/40


paul haine said...

What's wrong with coffee?

Emma said...

Coffee basically gets me drunk. :p

Anonymous said...

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Well done..

Joanne said...

Why spend on that? When I was knee deep in revision, I had a sherry!!

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Verve energy drink said...

I love Mountain Dew, however, I'd rather have Verve energy Drink because of it's vitamin contents.

Wilf said...

I had my first energy drink a couple of days ago. Have been worried about them but feel OK if they are only taken when needed not as a substitute for other drinks. Intend to try several to see which I like and make me feel good the most.

A new one is arriving in Australia soon, Blue Storm Energy Drink supposed to be big in America and Cananda I suppose.

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