Friday, March 19, 2010

Thoughts on Skins season 4 finale.

In short, I was very, very disappointed with this season of Skins, and pretty much everything about it. When the show hit our screens three years ago, it genuinely was groundbreaking. Now... it just feels like an incestuous boiling pot of teenagers who do precious little apart from smoke, swear and shag each other.

The actual ending itself was one of the most irritatingly underwhelming things I've seen in TV. The way Freddie was treated was horrible; whilst he's never been the most interesting of people, he deserved a lot more than that. The treatment of the lesbians' storyline; ie, with Naomi cheating and Emily spending pretty much the entire series trying to get back at her - was pat and cringeworthy, though I did understand some of the logic behind Naomi's reasoning. Perhaps the only good thing about the whole season was the same shining star of season 3 - Ollie Barbieri as JJ (I've met him, he lives in Bath), a fine, fine, actor, who once again won my heart as the wonderfully kooky JJ.

The season finale though... oh dear. If I could meet one of the writers, this is probably what I'd do to them.