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The BBFC relax their policy towards a certain word
8 Things I learned from the 2018 Annual Report
Second-guessing which films caused the most complaints in 2018


E-mail from the BBFC about Orange is the New Black vs Thirteen Reasons Why's depictions of rape
Help me rank all 87 films I've seen on my Odeon card, from most childish to most adult!
Another violation of the MPAA, BBFC, IFCO strictness hierarchy
The hierarchy of strictness of rating sex at PG-13/12A in the BBFC, IFCO and MPAA
10 takeaways from the BBFC's 2016 Annual Report
The IFCO's lack of complaints in '16 shows the merit of having the 16 rating
Dunkirk's unprecedented four adjectives
Teenage assassin - 12 or 15-rated?
Second guessing the BBFC's list of 2016 complaints
Very bad BBFC ratings
Endless BBFC nerdiness
A typo before the film
Mild 12s
A BBFC analysis of the Oscar nominations
A dubious line of extended info for Rules Don't Apply
Breakdown of my movie-watching habits in 2016 by BBFC certificate
The BBFC Oscars and Razzies for 2016

Some BBFC observations when I went Christmas shopping
Moderate 15s
Let's talk about Sexual Activity
Your Misname
The longest BBFCInsights at 12A, 15 and 18
My second e-mail of the year to the BBFC (also about a Chinese film)
La La Land gets rated PG by the IFCO
The biggest disparity between the BBFC and the IFCO?
My 10 Favourite Performances in a U-rated Film
The Girl on the Train gets rated 15 by the BBFC
The Most Amusing BBFC Short Insights
How on earth was Sausage Party a 15?!?!?!
The Shade Between BBFC Insight
When the BBFC Insight doesn't match what's written on posters
Four 2016 blockbusters that got PG-13 in the States and 15 over here
The BBFC's response to my e-mail to them about So Young 2: Never Gone
My 10 Favourite Performances in an 18-rated Film
My e-mail to the BBFC about So Young 2: Never Gone
Suicide Squad gets rated 15 by the BBFC
8 Things I Learnt from the BBFC's 2015 Annual Report
The Neon Demon gets rated 18 by the BBFC

Diary of a Teenage Girl and the 18 certificate
Two epic fails in Empire magazine
How my BBFC obsession taught me to spot a pirate DVD

Gone Girl gets rated 18 by the BBFC

Blue Valentine and the MPAA's aversion to cunnilingus

The pre-cuts to Angels and Demons to secure a 12A certificate
Cracks gets rated 15 by the BBFC
Frost/Nixon gets rated 15 due to use of 'motherf_cker'

My Obsession with Film Classifications

The Da Vinci Code gets rated 12A by the BBFC

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