Sunday, March 21, 2010

I know this is a feeling that I just can't fight, you're the first and last thing on my mind.


01. Do you believe in the death penalty?
02. Do you believe in spanking your kids?
03. Do you own any band T-shirts?
04. Is anyone in love with you?
05. Last time you cried?



J.D. said...

01. Yup.
02. That's perverse, Emma.
03. No.
04. Hopefully.
05. A week ago? I dunno, actually.

Emma said...

Eww! I didn't mean it like that.

J.D. said...


But NOT that way, possibly. Not violently tho.

Emma said...

Thanks for giving me my first giggle of the day, though. *hugs*

Luke said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Emma said...

Hi Luke, sorry but I deleted your comment simply 'cos it had my full name, just in case someone from RL might google me or something (lol).

Luke said...

And to think I put effort into that comment! Pfft.

Emma said...


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

1. NO NO NO.

2. It depends. How much do I hate them? Hee - kidding.

3. No.

4. I wish.

5. A month ago when I saw Bright Star. Sigh. I am such a wuss.