Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dress Me Up.

I love all thee dresses. Help me pick one?!?!
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Pros: flowery print, dark (my colour), has one of those cool waistlines
Cons: A little too dark, a little too nature-orientated

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Pros: light and airy, Summerdress, nice neckline, waistline present
Cons: too Naomi Watts at Oscars 2006ish

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Pros: navy, a colour that suits me, flowers, good neckline
Cons: most of my accessories are deep reds that may clash

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Pros: has got that 50s, sexy vibe going on, waistline, neckline
Cons: Can I work Polka dot?

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Pros: plunging neckline, flowers, colours suit me
Cons: colours too dark for prom?

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Pros: cute stripes, cutesey bow
Cons: colours a little too psychadelic and bright

But these are just my opinions. Help me out!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Come on England.

Love Football! Come on England! Come on!
Seriously, yesterday's match was very, very tight. For a second there, I thought England weren't going to win those 3 points. But then, in the 83rd minute, Barty, I mean, Peter Crouch (Liverpool) scored a goal, and in injury time there was another from Steven Gerrard scored another! Yay! That was tenser than any film, I tell ya.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I love this new layout!

It means I can have much larger pictures! Yay!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

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Leo Love.

If you're reading this and I've told you not to, go away, please.
So yeah, in an attempt to beat this post-exam blues, I have treated myself to a different Leonardo DiCaprio film every day. Pretty sad, I know, but hey, it works.

Okay, so this week, I have seen:

- The Beach (Danny Boyle, 2000)
I really liked the book of this, and I must say, I found the film most disappointing. The direction was weak and screenplay très flawed, with lines of dialogue wooden enough to match that of Titanic’s. I didn’t think Virginie Ledoyen was very good (I say this partly out of jealousy), and neither was Tilda Swinton (I say this out of contempt). The film starts out decently, but then escalates into such absurdity that I wanted to scream, and in the end, just passes as a generic thriller/atmosphere piece. That said, Leo walks around with his top off a LOT.

Film: C-
Leo’s performance: B-
Leo’s looks: A-

- Catch Me If You Can (Steven Spielberg, 2002)
Entertaining little piece from Steven Spielberg, which came out the same year as his superior Minority Report (where Tom was quite a babe too. Sorry, had to say that.) I really liked me some Frank Abagnale Jr, I found the guy a real layer cake, and Leo had all the right elements – charisma, charm and that edge of corruption to play him, and play him finely. Also, something I didn’t notice before was that Amy Adams (of Junebug fame) is in this film! Anyway, the acting is generally good, the score from John Williams catchy and has a nice title sequence. Fun, if forgettable fluff.

Film: B
Leo’s performance: B+
Leo’s looks: A

- The Aviator (Martin Scorsese, 2004)
OK, I wasn’t planning on seeing this three hour arse number, but the incessant prattling from my friends kept saying it was better than Baby got me to. Anyway, first thing to say was: Technicolor! The use of colour was beautiful, and shone in every frame. I particularly liked the turquoise beans in the restaurant. The film itself was quite boring, though there were some scenes that worked well, mainly the ones between DiCaprio and Blanchett. Leo and Cate themselves are great in the film; the former never overplaying the tics as Hughes and undergoing the aging process convincingly. The false moustache looked as bad as it did on Jake, though.

Film: B-
Leo’s performance: A-
Leo’s looks: first half – B+, second half, C

- William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (Baz Lurhman, 1996)
Moulin Rouge! was a disaster, but I really love this film. It is so beautiful, hip, cool, sexy, intelligent, witty, and clever. So yeah, it’s a good film, with a wonderful screenplay, that retains the Shakespearean dialogue, but suits the modern day setting, and, having studied this, I love it the more. My only complaint is the editing, which was enjoyable, but also on it’s way to giving me a headache. The soundtrack accompanies the film perfectly, there are some deft supporting players (Harold Perrineau, Paul Sorvino and John Leguizamo), but the true star is Leonardo DiCaprio, who gives a performance more layered than an onion, more well-painted than a DaVinci, and hotter than a pepper sprout. I said, Goddamn.

Film: A-
Leo’s performance: A
Leo’s looks: A*

- Titanic (James Cameron, 1997)
One of the cheesiest films of all time, but still kind of sweet. I don’t want to shower this film with accolades, as it has been a least favourite of mine for a very long time, but blah, I guess the I saw the novelty in it this time. It was OK, I guess. The sound was good, cinematography nice, and Leo & CKate were good together. The writing wasn't, though, and I present you with, "I'm the king of the world!!!" Shudder.

Film: C+
Leo’s performance: B+
Leo’s looks: A

So, in terms of the grand scale:

Best Films
01. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
02. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
03. The Basketball Diaries
04. Gangs of New York
05. Catch Me If You Can

Best Performances
01. As Romeo Montague in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
02. As Arnie Grape in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
03. As Hank in Marvin’s Room
04. As Howard Hughes in The Aviator
05. As Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries

I won’t do the third category. No, I will.

Sexiest Performances
01. As Romeo Montague in William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
02. As Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries
03. As Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me if You Can
C04. As Jack Dawson in Titanic
05. As Richard in The Beach

And to end with, some Trivia:
- Has been nominated for 9 MTV movie awards, and won 2. (I don’t know why I said this)
- Is of German, Italian and American descent.
- Was one of the biggest helpers in raising funds and aid in the tsunami appeal.
- … One inch taller than Jake Gyllenhaal. Very important.