Friday, March 01, 2013

Get another piece of pie, for your wife.

Making a fish pie:

1) boil potatoes

 photo SDC10721_zpsdccda3d9.jpg

 photo SDC10723_zps7a8f01cd.jpg

From this, make mashed potatoes

 2) grate cheese

 photo SDC10720_zps5e450d8f.jpg

 3) cut leek

 photo SDC10724_zps0920f288.jpg

 photo SDC10725_zpsa4f4d06d.jpg

 4) chop up mushrooms

 photo SDC10727_zps83a09494.jpg

 5) toss all fish ingredients into a baking tray
   photo SDC10728_zps93d02fa1.jpg

6) Put all vegetables in a tray with sweetcorn:  photo IMG-20130227-02582_zpse15cead4.jpg

 photo IMG-20130227-02584_zps2b38d8db.jpg

 7) put cheese on top
 photo IMG-20130227-02585_zpseb8585c2.jpg

 8) place mashed potatoes on top and put in oven for 45 minutes  photo SDC10731_zps43a669d9.jpg

 9) finished product
 photo SDC10732_zpse0f8f9b5.jpg

 photo IMG-20130227-02586_zpsc27a0cad.jpg

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