Monday, March 13, 2017

Sponsored post: The Perfect Age to Get Married If You don’t Want to Get Divorced

“Marry in haste and repent at leisure”, you must have heard your parents using this proverb. The thing is that most parents want their children to slow down when it comes to marriage and make sure that they have chosen the right partner first. And this is quite reasonable, as it is important not to rush the marriage if you don’t want to split up.

Not only the above-mentioned wisdom but also recently conducted studies prove that couples who rush the marriage are more likely to split up. Thus, experts from Utah University came to the conclusion that couples who get married at the age of 28 – 32 have the lowest possibility of divorce.
Young people make it harder to preserve the family, because of their hot temper and lack of experience, although it is a not less complicated process for couples in their 40s.

However, a great number of scholars are rather skeptical regarding the above-mentioned thesis. In fact, some of them believe that people are trying to demonstrate that their relationships are perfect too hard. The whole thing is based on the theory that there is a soul mate for everyone, who will be able to understand you perfectly. 

The expert stresses out that we are often afraid of making mistakes, claiming that the right moment and the right way of getting married will help our marriage to survive. We spend hundred thousand dollars for the wedding day. We buy a fancy dress and beautiful rings. We do our best to make the ceremony unforgettable. However, all these things are not so important in comparison to the readiness of the partners to go into marriage.

The marriage makes us think twice before splitting up. This is great! Our dating experts pick up some telling comments of men and women on that matter. So, let’s find out what other people think about the best age for marriage.

I believe, the best age is 27 -30 – this is when we begin to realize what we need from life and pave the way for our family. IT WORKS FOR ME. I want to make career first, be confident in the future and after that start the family. However, many of my girlfriends got married because a) all their friends had already been married; b) wanted to show their parent that they were adult enough; c) did it as a revenge for their ex-boyfriend they were in love with…
Sasha, 20 years old, a publicist

While we are working on becoming independent, going into higher education, earning money to buy our own apartment – we are likely to come into the age for grandchildren. I’m not sure whether there is a specific age to get married or not. Some people are ready for marriage in their 20s and some are still hesitating in their 30s. I think material status matters here: if both partners earn enough money to support their family, then they can get married without doubts.
Natasha, 18 years old, a student

I believe that age is not significant here. It depends on a person. Men are considered to be an adult by the age of 27-30. The vast majority of them are ready for a family life. They feel their responsibilities and count on the opportunities regarding the family budget. They easily solve some common problems ... Usually, the older is a man, the more he earns and, consequently, the more he can give to his children (I mean education, clothes, development, entertainment… But, again, everything depends on the person!

Alexandr, 33 years old, a communications head

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