Friday, July 05, 2013


Graduation was several shades of fantastic! Before the ceremony we had an opportunity to drink alcohol and talk to our lecturers. Most of the graduating economists attended and I was suitably tipsy after four Pimm's, and as per usual, talked quite a lot of crap about football. Bant, bant, banter!

 It was a windy day :p
A happier photo when I didn't have to worry about my hat blowing off:
Making the most of my gown hire by sitting on the grass:
 Registering for the ceremony:
And after the ceremony:
I prefer Theo with his Jamie Redknapp-style beard, but he shaved it all off graduation :( He still looked quite fit, though #biased
And I'm glad to say my funkily mismatching nails matched the gown a treat!
 By the by, the difference in dimension in a couple of these photos is due to my parents using two cameras yesterday. Both Samsungs, one is mine, as been since 2009, and another, we bought recently. I'm still on the fence about which I prefer... will take more photos of the same thing using both before I make up my mind~~~

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