Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sound quality so good, it's out of this world.

Orbitsound T9

As a someone who frequents all manner of pubs to watch matches, little and large, one thing that I always find is that, depending on where you stand in relation to the speakers (pubs usually have two or four speakers around the corners of the room), you rarely experience the optimal sound experience due to being further away from one speaker than the other. Furthermore, from my own experience of handling sound systems, I have noticed that the size of the speaker is by no means any kind of indication of the quality of the sound it produces; bigger most certainly does not equal better. And indeed, the adage of good things coming in small packages is epitomized with Orbitsound’s T9 creation, an absolutely charming and canny little sound bar of dimensions merely 300 x 94 x 94mm. Looking at the thing, (you can gauge the size of the sound bar in relation to the TV, it’s very compact and stylishly designed), you would be amazed at the quality of sound produced. I had the pleasure of watching it in action for the England vs France match, and the quality of the sound produced by one tiny Sound bar would trump that of any modern large speaker that you see in pubs. I was seriously taken aback by the flawlessly dynamic and clear quality of the sound produced – and by such a small machine!

The Orbitsound T9 is more than just a pretty face, with practical features, allowing the user to charge iPod as well, thus doubling up as an iPod dock too. The exciting thing about the Orbitsound T9 sound bar is that it allows small TVs and portable screens to generate an astounding quality – matching that of a cinema speaker. The small size means that the sound bar is also easily portable – meaning you can bring such fabulous sound with you all around. As a student who knows a thing or two about the importance of minimizing clutter when free space is sparse, the Orbitsound T9 soundbar is one of the most impressive and useful inventions to have come out for a long time.

(The T9 soundbar will be on retail from mid July this year. Go along to John Lewis and other selected stores to test it out, and you’ll see I wasn’t exaggerating!)


monkey said...

wow that looks really good.

triffic seeing you last night bung, hope you're not hanging too much!

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