Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long as you got me you won't need nobody.


I won't lie, life just isn't the same any more without my two best friends/wingmen Anna and Lukebung, by my side. I know this sounds emo/ like I have dependency issues, but, at the start of the semester, I was really finding it hard to get through my days without them. But, I'm Bungy, and one of the attributes of being Bungy is that I always bung back. So I've been finding other ways of keeping myself distracted, so as to not highlight how lonely I am without those two bungs. One of the ways is through telly! I'm very fortunate because, whilst going back to Uni every Monday is a bit of a task, I know I've got an episode of Desperate Housewives waiting for me. I was obsessed with DH when it first came out in in the UK in 2005, and it almost gives me a kind of comfort to know that 5 years on, I'm still as, if not more, in love with the show. It shows some things don't change! On Tuesdays there's gossip girl. I went on a break from gossip girl back in 2009 because I was just finding the plotlines far too incestuous, not to mention the fashion envy I was getting from the show was insane. But, last week, when suffering a tummy bug, I watched all the episodes of gossip girl that I'd missed, and I am back in xoxo with it! I don't mind getting fashion envy for the characters any more; I'd rather be jealous and see the clothes, than not see them. Leighton Meester portrays Machiavellian schemer Blair Waldorf like a second skin and, whilst I've always found Serena van der Woodsen rather blah, even she has her moments. And Chac Crawford, Penn Bladgley and Ed Westwick are collectively three of the most beautiful men on the face of the planet. And finally, Wednesdays are Glee days for me. Could Dianna Agron BE any more perfect?? There are countless adorable characters in the show, and even the less-likeable characters have their moments. I'll readily admit that season 2 lacks the genius and flair that season 1 had (one would almost think that the hype of the show has gone to producers' heads), but nonetheless, it's still entertaining stuff with some kick-ass covers of songs.

So yeah. If it weren't for these three shows, I don't really know what I'd do!


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