Friday, May 14, 2010

Gleefully Gaga.


Recordings of two of Glee's upcoming cover of Lady Gaga songs - Poker Face and Bad Romance - have been leaked. Some have hated, some have loved. I fall firmly in the latter category. But what do you think? Download, and share your thoughts.

Speaking of TV, Desperate Housewives season finale is on Sunday. TOO EXCITED. Although I found the whole "what did Angie do" storyline of season 6 on the predictable side, the other mystery - of who strangled Julie - was extremely well handled and surprising. I can't wait!

I've also been watching season six of Lost, though quite why I'm bothering is anyone's guess. It is so confusing.

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Emma said...


Just a girl said...

Hmmm. I refused to listen to these before it aired, but now that I've seen this episode...I'm a fan of Bad Romance but not so much Poker Face (also it just seemed a strange song for the two of them to sing)...


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