Sunday, March 14, 2010


01. Would you rather take a picture or be in the picture?
02. Would you ever date a guy/girl covered in tattoos?
03. What were your favourite and least favourite things about the Oscars this year?
04. What did you do last night?
05. What are you currently wearing? Is it similar to your usual style?


I'm your secretary. said...

1) I'd rather be IN the picture- i like the ace
2) Yesssss- Tommy Lee.
3) I like that Chritophe Waltz got BSA. I dislike that The Young Victoria got BC. Plus in one scene, Victoria had a digital watch.
4) You and I chatted about out pet hates. And Lol'd!
5) I just came back from the gym so I'm im in sweaty gym wear. Hot, might i add.

Emma said...

Lying biatch. There was no digital watch. A mobile phone, however...

Luke said...
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Luke said...

1. I dislike taking photos, so I'd rather be in them. Ha! And it annoys me when a camera is constantly shoved my way so that I can take photos of other people.

2. No.

3. Favourite? Sandra Bullock's speech (especially the part to Carey Mulligan: "...makes me sick"), Michelle Pfeiffer looking as beautiful and classy as ever, the deserved acting wins. As for least favourite... Umm, perhaps Precious winning Adapted Screenplay over Up in the Air.

4. I caught up with two great friends. ;) And then I went on a date that wasn't quite so fun... But you'll hear all about that in due course!

5. I'm wearing my work uniform, which is pretty cool. I'll wear it casually when I leave the job. :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

1. I don't like taking photos, I don't photograph well so I'd rather be the one holding the camera.

2. Possibly...

3. Favourite: seeing Michelle Pfeiffer. Least Favourite: Everything else. Sigh.

4. Sulked when my dumbass internet provider made a mistake and cut me off line. Bitches.

5. My high school trousers and blue t shirt. Is it my usual style? I HAVE a usual style...?

J.D. said...

01. Take a picture. I'm artsy.
02. Hell yes.
03. The lead acting presentations (much better than last year's, tho they should just bring back the clips permanently); basically everything else.
04. Saw Fish Tank. <3
05. Hoodie. Yus.

the misomaniac said...

1. Taking the picture
2. Sure, why not
3. Favourite: Christoph Waltz. Least Favourite: predictability.
4. Watched "Brick" and "Carts of Darkness", an ABSURD documentary about hobos who race shopping carts in Vancouver, made by the National Film Board. I'm so glad my tax dollars are going towards something so important.
5. Dress pants and a t-shirt. Like always.

Besty said...

Just want to say that your last tweet about Modric makes me want to vom.