Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Have a wonderful day. ♥


paul haine said...

Best Christmas film? Scrooged? Die Hard? Gremlins? Muppet Chrismas Carol?

Nigel said...

Hope you had a good day :) Went too fast
as ever, now it's far too long before the next one. Good job we have NYE to drown our sorrows!

My favourite Christmas film would have to be Muppet's Christmas Carol, though there is a video me & the sister just HAVE to watch each year, which is 'A Walt Disney Christmas' a collection of shorts, and the only reason I insist my parents keep hold of their VHS player!!!

I'm your secretary. said...

Home Alone- Greatest christmas film EVER.

That or The Santa Clause.

Emma said...

Definitely! I haven't actually sorted out my NYE's plans yet, but I do deserve a good night out methinks - all this revision is killing me!

Fave Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life :)

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