Sunday, November 08, 2009

Screening (02/11/09 - 08/11/09)


Russian Dolls (Cédric Klapisch, 2005)
Entertainingly sweet romantic comedy sequel to L'auberge espagnole. Whereas the 2002 film centred on Barcelona, Russian Dolls takes us to Russia as our likeable protagonist Xavier (Romain Duris) tries to find out exactly what it is he wants from wmoen, and life. The parts of the film set in London were ridiculously picteresque and there were quite a lot of subplots that grated, but there was a sweet enough conclusion for me to overlook most of the film's flaws. Kelly Reilly was bung.

An Education (Lone Scherfig, 2009)
Gentle comedy about growing up, love, culture and finding yourself starring Carey Mulligan as 16-year-old Jenny, a smart and sassy 16-year-old residing in Ealing with aspirations of reading English at Oxford. One day, on the way home from school, she is propositioned by Peter Sarsgaard's David, and soon he's taking her on weekend breaks to Oxford, expensive holidays to Paris and giving her the kind of education she will never find in school. Terrifically written by Nick Hornby and with a strong central performance by Mulligan, An Education is a very likeably and enjoyable little film, topped off by a show-stealing turn by Rosamund Pike as a ditzy society girl. There's one icky part where Peter Sarsgaard's character suggests Jenny loses her virginity to a banana, but apart from that, fully recommended.


The Damned United (Tom Hooper, 2009)
Extremely intelligent film about Brian Clough's ill-fated stint as manager of Leeds United, a reign that lasted only 44 days, this is one of the best films about football that I've seen for a while. 

Michael Sheen's central performance is exquisite - he captures Clough's arrogance and hubris perfectly, and Timothy Spall is poignant as the long-suffering Peter Taylor. And the script by Peter Morgan is pitch-perfect, capturing the voices of football fans, players and managers in the time period astutely.

The Invention of Lying (Ricky Gervais & Matthew Robinson, 2009)
Amiable enough comedy, but it felt like a bit of a backpat for Gervais. I loved the cameo from Shaun Williamson and Stephen Merchant, though! Ahhh, Extras...


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Glad you liked An Education. But that's no surprise.

Emma said...

Indeed! ^_^

anahita said...

heey darling. I'VE MISSED YOU SO FECKING MUCH. and I love the new colour scheme!! I will pop round your eljay sometime - I have been reading it and know all your goings on, but haven't commented or updated you with mine in a while (there is some stuff to tell!!!) but anyway, will be there tomorrow. hopefully. but anywhoo, I'm so glad an education was good - I'm seeing it in a couple of days I think - looks amazing, can't wait!! oh, and my life in film is finally updated so pop round some time :D xxx

Emma said...

omg I've missed you too!! I can't wait to here from you. What is the stuff to tell?!?!?! You've got me guessing now. :DDDD x

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