Wednesday, November 11, 2009

For the banter...


I have quite a mixed relationship with the High School Musical saga. At best, I think it's frivolous, kitsch fun, with some catchy tunes. At worst, I think Vanessa Hudgens is a terrible actress, the plotting contrived and some of the lines so bad they wouldn't be out of place in a Lars von Trier film. That said, on the whole, I've had lots of fun with them, and shall list my 10 favourite songs over the three films.

10. I Don't Dance

Not gonna lie, Ryan is easily my favourite character from the films, and in this video he exhibits some of his camp swagger. Loves it.

09. Can I Have this Dance

Right, so, Troy and Gabriella can jog on, but there is something fundamentally quite sweet about this song.

08. Stick to the Status Quo

07. You Are the Music in Me


06. Just Wanna be With You

Ryan and Kelsey are my favourite duo from the film. When me and Luke saw this for the first time, this scene made us lol so much, because of the wink he gives us, as well as the the little glissando he does on the piano. So much win.

05. Getcha Head in the Game

There's more artistry than is given credit for in this video. I mean, just the way they got the basketball skidding to go in time with the music. That's well clever.

04. Scream

The most melodramatic of the 10 videos on my list, I could not stop giggling when the camera angles turned and Zac Efron tries to look brooding, but instead just looks constipated.

03. Bet on It

So much raw emotion.

02. Now or Never

Now or Never is a definite karaoke favourite of me. The part where Gabriella stands out of the audience and sings is still one of the funniest scenes in film.

01. We're All in this Together

When all is said and done, the original song from the first film is still my favourite. It holds so many awesome memories for me, not least performing in my Sixth Form Revue, where this song was employed. It's just a lovely, catchy song really.

Oh, and I hate myself for this, but, I have to concede.... there are moments when Zefron is actually bungable.


J.D. said...

Why is this Sharpay-free?

Emma said...

I'm not her biggest fan. Sorry!

J.D. said...

But, I mean, I Don't Dance, Getcha Head in the Game, Just Wanna Be with You, etc (meaning every song on this list) over I Want It All?

What, girl?

Oh, James is not going to like this at all...

anahita said...

I love I Want It All. Much to my shame. My big big shame :( xxx

Miss Topanga said...

you're right about vanessa. she really can't act for ****.

but zac, oh yeah, zac... that's a whole 'nother story, lol. impossible to resist.

Miss Topanga said...

Hey, you don't like "Breaking Free"? I actually recorded that song on my comp. It's called "Breaking Free without Zac".


RC said...

I gotta say, glad Getcha head in the game is on the list, but I Want it All really is a HSM classic.

Your such a rebel!

Nigel said...

Damn it. I'm listening to HSM on Spotify. And loving it :(

Emma said...

Embrace it mate! :D

Nigel said...

My housemate called me a loser when I started singing Stick to the Status Quo :(

Emma said...

I say you're brilliant. :D

Are you off to work now then?

Nigel said...

Yeah I was :)) I actually went in late this morning cos I needed to do some crappy management course work and had a meeting scheduled so I couldn't finish early and do it, but the frucking meeting was cancelled so I could have go in normal time and come home early which would mean it wouldn't have been dark and I wouldn't have stepped in that puddle!!! Argh rant over!!

I've had "We're All in this Together" stuck in my head today. I had a massive urge to run around in one of the big open plan offices singing it, but I chickened out. I also had "We like Sportz" by the Lonely Island stuck in my head, and my best (work) friend knew it so we were singing that at lunch.

Besty said...

You disgust me Emma.