Sunday, November 15, 2009


Due to heavy workload, I only managed to see one film this week:

Ne le dis à personne (Guillaume Canet, 2006), a tense, moody thriller about a doctor whose wife seemingly died years ago, only now for him to be contacted by her. Based on the Harlan Coben novel, François Cluzet stars as the put-upon grieving husband who finds that the more he digs, the murkier he finds his surroundings. Despite strong performances and an urgent pace, I wasn't terribly bowled over by this film. The twist was shocking enough, but the characters were too blandly developed and thinly sketched for me to care.


the misomaniac said...

i saw this last week too. irrelevant fact: i found it kind of disturbing how much older he was than his wife. that is all.

Emma said...

Good point. What a paed.