Sunday, October 11, 2009

All the people hate this film.


Me and my housemates watched All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. And, my gawd, it was awful.
- None of the actors in it could, well, act.
- The dialogue. What a gigantic lol.
- The blowjob scene. Lol.
- None of it was scary, at all, just gory. And trust me, I scare easily.
- The plot development and "twist", which we all smelt from a mile off.
- The fact that Mandy Lane isn't even all that.

Some films need to jog on. This is one of them.


Marco Gennuso said...

I'm going to highly disagree with you on this one.

If this was given the respect and theatrical treatement it deserved, it could have revamped the modern day slasher genre like Scream did back then.

This film is highly underrated and underappreciated. The acting is subtle and never over the top - which is the easiest thing to do in films like these. never does this film insult the intelligence of its audience, unlike a lot of other slasher flicks. None of the characters were one dimensional and yes, sorry to say, Mandy Lane IS all that; she's the very symbol of purity and lust. Amber Heard is a force to be reckoned with and I'll bet anyone anyday she's about to break it big in the biz.

A part from all that, there is far more things happening between the lines of this film that most people overlook. The reason many ppl didn't like this film is because it flew right over their heads. This is a thinking-man's slasher flick, and I doubt many people were even thinking when they watched this.

Even though you have your basic plot and all, what this film is really about is how men objectify women and will do things to try and sleep with them. And how women degrade themselves and others to feel better about themselves. Mandy, however, never gives in to these stereotypes; doesn't allow anyone to kiss her, and is modest about her body. The twist was awesome and really shows that the killings were done for different reasons (I say it like that to not spoil it for anyone reading). It seems like Garth is kept alive in the end and that too holds a lot of weight as to the reasoning behind it. He was really one of the only "good" guys at that ranch; a protector and a real MAN.

Ahhhhh I can discuss this forever with people and it seems the more I do, the more people return to the film with a fresh take on it and then they grow to appreciate it. Mandy Lane truely is a hidden gem!

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I think it is a great film, not everybody hated it.