Thursday, September 17, 2009

Turn it Up (Pixie Lott)

Brentwood-born British singer-songwriter Pixie Lott is, at 18, younger than me, and already has two UK no.1s. Not too shabby, eh? Her album, Turn it Up, came out this Monday, and I thought I'd give it a listen.

Here are the tracks on her album, ranked in order of preference:
01. Mama Do (class song, so catchy)
02. Turn it Up (cool song and lyrics)
03. Band Aid (catchy tune)
04. Gravity
05. Cry Me Out (powerful vocals)
06. Boys and Girls (intro sounds a tad HSM3-ish)
07. Jack
08. My Love
09. Nothing Compares (yawn)
10. Here We Go Again (just too samey)
11. The Way the World Works


Harry W said...

Essex merits its own tag? Really?

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