Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smug git.

On Wednesday 9th September (ie this Wednesday), Derren Brown appeared to pull off the impossible - predict all six of the winning lottery numbers. In a sealed off location somewhere with - what he claimed to be - just two cameramen in the room, the lottery draw was played, before Derren Brown walked over to a stand on the other side of the camera frame, turned them around, and revealed the numbers. And, lo and behold, they held the six numbers. Yesterday night, he gave his "explanation".


Derren Brown stretched out the hour first by tormenting a woman with a fear of mice by putting her hand in three out of four boxes, when he told her one of them contained a mouse. It was so clearly staged. Next, we watched a clip of a man who was told to stamp on fourteen out of twenty polysterene cups, one of which had a knife underneath. Miraculously, he went on to stamp on nineteen cups, avoiding the knife (which was really a mouse). Both events had clearly been staged, with the "random participants" selected actors.

Derren Brown then carried on this vein of "thought", claiming that the synergetic power of people's willpower could actually make things happen. He demonstrated this with a toin toss competition, wherein a man who had to flip HHH lost to a woman who had to toss THH due to more people "supporting" her. Um, no. This is a simple Mathematical trick, actually, nothing to do with "willpower."

But yeah. His explanation for predicting the six winning lottery numbers was, apparently, that 24 people had guessed the numbers, and then he had taken averages. Batshite. How dumb does he think we are?

I know how he did it - either with remote controlled balls which changed the numbers, or, the split screen - wherein a crew member ran on with the right numbers straight after the lottery number was called. It was technology that explains this simple conjuring trick, not pseudo-science. Twat.


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Phate said...

I don't know what it is about him, but I find him incredibly sexy.

RC said...

Way to call him out - if he could predict the numbers he'd be a lottery winner not an entertainer.

Anonymous said...

Agreed- split screens. Simple.

Emma said...