Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess the Movies.

Because it is fun!

1. Photobucket Family Plot, correctly guessed by William

2. Photobucket Mean Girls, correctly guessed by Anahit

3. Photobucket The Aviator, correctly guessed by Joe

4. Photobucket Cinema Paradiso, correctly guessed by Anahit

5. Photobucket North by Northwest, correct guessed by Anahit and William

6. Photobucket Marie Antoinette, correct guessed by Anahit and William

7. Photobucket anyone care to guess?


anahita said...

2 - mean girls
4 - cinema paradiso
5 - north by northwest
6 - marie antoinette


William Kretschmer said...

My (wild) guesses:

1. Family Plot
2. Good Morning, Babylon
5. North by Northwest
6. Marie Antoinette

Emma said...

Will update the post then!

J.D. said...

3 is The Aviator. I can tell by the color.

Emma said...

Good lad.

J.D. said...

Why do I think the woman in the last one is Jean Arthur?

Emma said...

The actress who it really is does look a bit like her. Though she's a Brit, so that rules Jean Arthur out.

J.D. said...


I haven't seen the film, have I?

Emma said...

Nope, you haven't, so I'll let you off. :)

J.D. said...

Lol, aw, thanks. :P