Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Before I head off to work for the first time in five days...

A quick reminder!




Anonymous said...

Random, but I think you need a new look for the blog!

Phate said...

The first one is The Craft, right?
I thought it was a good movie, interesting.

Emma said...

Me too! I was surprisingly engrossed be it.

Just a girl said...

I LOVE that second photo, too sweet! Who are the first four?

Also, how does this blogathon thing work? I need to get on that sooooon...I will, promise! :)


Emma said...

Hey hun! The first is a pic of the film "The Craft".

Also, the blog-a-thon - basically, you post a blog entry on the 18th October to do with teen movies. Gimme the link, and I bung all the links up in one big blog post so everyone can read it! x