Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We R awesome.

Me and Anahit in London.



anahita said...

psh yes we are :D

J.D. said...

U rly r.

Emma said...

If you're ever in the UK, it goes without saying that we HAVE to meet. :D

J.D. said...

No doubt, girl. ♥

Anonymous said...


Besty said...
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monkey said...

we should beat celtic comfortably.

i laughed like a chimp on acid when i saw the liverpool match on monday :)

monkey said...

also, i've started watching hollyoaks :o

Besty said...

I lol that Manchester Silly and T*ttenham lolspurs are sandwiching Arsenal and Chelsea at the top of the table.

monkey said...

i lol'd at this:

still do, in fact

monkey said...

i also lol'd at this:

and this:

silly, silly guardian

Emma said...

Blimey, you two! Spam me, why don't you!

01. Chelsea
02. Manchester United
03. Arsenal
04. Liverpool
05. Manchester City
06. Spurs
07. Everton

As much as I’d like things to be shaken up, I don’t see the three bitter teams doing anything other than finish three places below each of their more successful neighbours. I fancy City, Spurs and Everton to each win a Manchester, North London and Merseyside derby each though.

I hate Manchester United more than I hate some of my most hated people at Uni but I can’t realistically predict them to do THAT badly as they have “Wazza Boy”, the nation’s golden/most overrated petulant shit, who will no doubt bang a fair few goals in now that he has free reign post-Ronaldo.

Arsenal look pretty tasty so far as do Spurs, but both will capitulate when the pressure is on. Crouch to score a few goals at some point would be nice.

Liverpool, ahahahahahaha. The Guardian predicting them to win the title was one of the biggest lulz I’ve ever had.

Chelsea to win the title though, obvs.

Enjoy the match tonight Martin. :) I'm so jealous... I'm making a fair few pennies at work but can't spend any of it on football because my mother doesn't really approve. The only match I'll be going to this Summer is Chelsea vs. Spurs, I think, but that'll be a real tasty London derby, so, can't complain.

Oh, and London is PACKED full of Celtic fans!

Manchester Silly, good one!

Looking forward to the text, haha! :D


Nigel said...

My sister's friend has a pair of those sunglasses! I thought of you when I saw them!

Emma said...

OK, a request! :D

I'm off to work now and the cinema after that, so won't get access to the net until like midnight, and I can't wait that long to hear the Champions League draw!

So text me 'em as soon as you hear and I'll love you for evar.

Besty said...

Will do, Emmabung.

Nigel said...

Sorry! :( I've been on a work induction day (waste of time) and I didn't get a chance to see the draw myself.

I've seen it now :$ s'alrite Porto & Athletico could be tricky. APOEL are an unknown quantity. Should get through though. Sometimes a tricky group's a good thing. Overconfidence is a bitch.

Emma said...

I agree, Porto and Atletico are decent sides, but that should mean our boys give it their all against them.

I have tomorrow (and Monday, but that's a bank holiday) off. So so so happy. :)

How was work induction?

Emma said...

Eugh. I just saw the Manc Scum's group: -
Group B:

- Manchester United
- CSKA Moscow
- Besiktas JK
- VfL Wolfsburg

Alright for some.

OMG, Liverpool and Arse got it easy too!

Group E:

- Liverpool FC
- Olympique Lyonnais
- ACF Fiorentina
- Debreceni VSC

Group H:

- Arsenal FC
- AZ Alkmaar
- Olympiacos FC
- Standard de Liege

OK, not so happy now.

Nigel said...

Yeah so did Rangers!

But we'll get through and be stronger because of it (I hope :$) Work induction was boring as hell. Told us stuff like "don't be late for meetings", "don't use computers at work to look at porn". Real insightful.

Anonymous said...

Nice hippy earrings. You're beautiful.