Friday, August 07, 2009

Albums and shizz.

I listened to a few albums recently, and felt compelled to tell you about them. All songs are ranked in order of preference.


Flowers - Joan of Arc (2009)

This was the first I'd heard of Joan of Arc, and listened to them on a recommendation from a friend, saying it's good relaxation music. They are an indie rock band stemming from Chicago who use a fair bit of electronica and multi-tracks in their songs.

01. Explain Yourselves No. 2
The most mainstream sounding track of the album, and all the better for it. I can just about hum along.
02. Fable of the Elements
The use of xylophone is inspired.
03. The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations
The lyrics are good, if sung a little off-key (I'm not one to talk here, but still)
04. Fogbow
Not bad
05. A Delicious Herbal Laxative
One of the more upbeat songs on the album.
06. The Sun Rose
The guitar strumming is magnificently etheral, the rest, eh.
07. Table of the Laments
Sounds like a bizarre lament, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but makes it awful difficult to get into.
08. Flowers
A cacophony of sounds.
09. Tsunshine
Lovely instrumental at the end that changes into something a bit weird.
10. Life Sentence Twisted Ladder
The riff is nothing special and the lyrics are barely passable
11. Explain Yourselves
So, so boring
12. Fasting
Even more boring. It ain't music.

Overall, I was not at all impressed with this "album". There are many, many things out there that would make better relaxation music. The sound of a cat dragging its nails down a blackboard, for one. Album rating: 2/10.

Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation - Au Revoir Simone (2005)
Next up was Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation from Au Revoir Simone, an indie-pop-electronic Brooklyn Trio that I discovered a few years ago, and, despite David Lynch recommending them, I still managed to enjoy their music, meaning it must geniunely be quite special (I loathe Lynch.)

01. Through the Backyards of Our Neighbours
Rumour has it that this is about Heather D'Angelo's transvestite boyfriend. Whatever the subject matter, it's terrifically dreamy, a good one to have on in the background when you've got your mates round.
02. The Winter Song
Wonderful intro, brilliant riffs. The lack of lyrics suits it.
03. Hurricane
This message is for all the people
That people who are always waiting
This message is for all the people
That people who are always waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting

A job well done.
04. Where You Go
Starts out sounding a bit like a floatier version of Rilo Kiley. Cute lyrics.
05. And Sleep Al Mar
Now this really is relaxing music. Despite sparce use of instruments, they have still managed to create something majestic.
06. Stay Golden
07. Disco Song
08. Back in Time
A bit samey.

I like this album a lot, it could be a regular listen on my commute to work in the next five months. Particularly suitable to Summer. Album rating: 8/10

Jaydiohead - Jay Z vs. Radiohead (2009)

I like Jay-Z. I like Radiohead. At Uni, I was introduced to "The Grey Album" which was an amalgam of Jay-Z's The Black Album and The Beatles' The White Album and, whilst I thought there were more misses than hits as a result, I was impressed by the concept. So, I gave this mash-up album a listen.

01. 99 Anthems (99 Problems and The National Anthem)
02. Dirt off Your Shoulder (Dirt Off Your Shoulder and Paranoid Android)
Wow, class! It's no coincidence that Dirt Off your Shoulder and Paranoid Android are amongst my favourites from both artists, but conflating the two really works.
03. Lucifer's Jigsaw (Lucifer and Jigsaw Falling Into Place)
04. No Karma (No Hook and Karma Police)
The rapping and instrumentals go quite nicely.
05. Wrong Prayer (Pray and I Might Be Wrong)
06. Fall in Step (Fallin' and 15 Step)
The bluesy Radiohead track works well with Jay-Z's lyrics.
07. Optimistic Moment (Moment of Clarity and Optimistic)
08. Dreaming Up (American Dreamin' and Up the Ladder)
09. Change Order (Never Change and Gagging Order)
10. Ignorant Swan (Ignorant Shit and Black Swan)
There's more emphasis on the Jay-Z in this one, I can barely hear the Radiohead.

Album rating: 5/10. Was a bit too obscure for my liking, I'd rather just listen to both albums, back-to-back. Still, no need to take my word for it, you can download the albums yourself.


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