Monday, August 31, 2009

5 Most Bungable Men in Inglourious Basterds.

To be fair, I wasn't actually thinking all that much about their hotness during the film (most unlike me, I know), but there certainly were some babes there: -


01. Daniel Brühl
02. Michael Fassebender
03. Jacky Ido
04. Eli Roth
05. Brad Pitt



anahita said...

daniel brühl - hell to the yes. I completely forgot he was in this. ooh, and I have a film planned for your blogathon!! :D when is it anyway?? xxx

Emma said...

The day I turn 19 and a half. :D 18th October. :D :D

J.D. said...

Um, Til Schweiger is at least hotter than Roth.

But yeah DANNY FTW.

Emma said...

Mmm, I suppose he does have that silent, deadly, brooding thing goin' on.

Just a girl said...

I totally agree with Anahita! What a cutie *sigh* I - surprisingly - quite enjoyed this film. Review to come. :)


Ashley said...

Having sex with Brad Pitt with that hillbilly Tennessee accent = MAJOR LOL.

action movies said...

You are totally right! I've noticed Daniel Brühl in some movie i saw in my student exchange in Germany, and can't leave him since. he had a great performance in this movie, hope to see him again!