Sunday, August 09, 2009

This is a story of a champion.

01. If you could only have a son or a daughter, who would it be?
02. Would you rather be smart or beautiful?
03. What are you currently putting off
04. What's the one thing that can ruin your day immediately?
05. What's the weather like where you are?

I'm putting off doing something major that needs to be done, so... Hayden Christensen is bungable and I despise EmWatson.


J.D. said...

01. Son. I...guess. This is irrelevant.
02. Can't I have both? <3
03. Watching a movie, ANY movie.
04. Drunk people.
05. Humid and previously wet.

Emma said...

You can have both, most others can't! ^_^

J.D. said...

Hah. Well YOU have both, for sure.

Encore Entertainment said...

1. I don't want children, but if forced a daughter.
2. I'm already smart ergo...:)
3. Finding a job
4.Anybody who gets in my bloody way
5. It was raining earlier but right now it's 3:24 here and the moon is out.

PS. regard to the Teen film blog-a-thon. Englighten me, should I email you my review or should I post it my blog and then send you the link.

Emma said...

Oh, you post it on your blog and I collect all the links and post the links together. :)

Encore Entertainment said...

Guess I'm not that smart after all :)

I'll post mine later in the day.

Emma said...

Oh, you don't have to post it today! The blog-a-thon's not for another two months, usually people write their entries on that day. :)

Encore Entertainment said...

cool. i was just veeeeeeeery bored and have NOTHING to do. i guess i'll hold off.

Ashley said...

1. Daughter probably.
2. Smart. You can buy beauty more easily.
3. Talking to a certain person that I want to but shouldn't/can't because I am stubborn.
4. Nagging paremnts.
5. Sunny but overcast.

Lol@EmWatson. My friend is working for Burberry, she dresses the VIPs. Said how EmWatson and her stylist especially are mega annoying x)She looks good in the ads though, ugh. Just because she got that HP role :(

Toothfairynotes said...

my answers would be:
1) daughter! Boyfriend and I have already picked a name for our future daughter! :P

2) smart, for sure!

3) nothing really...

4) problems with the family

5) hahaha, it's usually rainy.. :P

Have a great weekend!

the misomaniac said...

1. i dont know. i'll have to check with that website that calculates stats about how much it costs to raise a child. i'll take the cheaper option!
2. smart, of course. being unattractive forces one to adapt and find other ways of proving one's worth, such as having a personality, etc etc. also, being smart leads to more money, which then can be used for plastic surgery, if one still desires to be attractive. you cant smartify an attractive but dumb person.
3. i still havent told any of my friends/acquaintances that i got into med school. i'm too scared.
4. fighting parents, and finding out that i've messed up on something important.
5. 23 degrees and sunny!!!!! ie very hot by western canada standards haha...

Farzan said...

01) Daughter when I get married because I always wanted a daughter.

02) Smart no doubt, but I do tend to care about my looks alot more than people think. :)

03) Finding another job since I don't really like where I'm working now (Sears).

04) Someone blaming me for something I didn't do or when I tend to forget something at home. These can really piss me off.

05) Its been pretty hot for the past few days here in San Jose.

monkey said...

hey bung. this was what my text to you was about:

some cunts deserve to die.

monkey said...

also, lolz at your latest tweet. that's very bitter

monkey said...

also, miss you

monkey said...

also, i hate the guardian

Emma said...

I heard about that. It's awful. I can't believe his fucking "parents" are getting face transplants to protect their safety. As far as I'm concerned, they deserve to die!

I was so, so bitter, and you know why. But I wrote some porn about two of the three guilty party and it cheered me up.

Ahahaha is it 'cos they predicted Man City to finished above Arsenal? I lol'd. (Could happen though, I guess. But remember, this is the same newspaper that are predicting Liverpool to win the thing, so... lol.)

Nigel said...

1. Son
2. Nasty one. I'm smart but not beautiful, so I'd be interested to be beautiful but not smart. But then I'd like to choose which I like better.
3. Tidying my room, throwing away stuff I don't need and getting ready to move out.
4. Rape -- I, er, mean rain. But rape would probably do the job as well.
5. Dark. But it was cloudy earlier, but cloudy and hot so it's horrible. Gives me headaches :'(

Besty said...

I'd like to read your porn about the two ugly fuck known as Be Can. :p

Phate said...

01. Son
02. Beautiful
03. Reading up on Acccounting and Fincance
04. My mother
05. Cold

Jack said...

Bitter Emma is fun!