Monday, July 13, 2009

Two days to go.


In two days time, I shall be in the cinema with my mate, watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Can't wait!

Also, I started a Summer job today, so sadly won't have enough time to write blog entries.


"Bitch's blog entries aren't any good anyway", I hear you say.


anahita said...

We're leaving for the Isle of Wight for two weeks on friday, and my mum, being hysterical and panicky, won't come to the cinema on weds or thurs as she has to "pack". I may persuade her to come see it while we're there...but I'm not sure if the power of harry potter will I may end up seeing it in like 3 weeks :( am SO excited though!!! xx

Emma said...

Awww three weeks would be way too long to waste! Convince her!! :D

Farzan said...

I too cant wait, I started reviewing all of the previous Harry Potter films from order and I'm having a blast just looking at how different each film is.