Sunday, July 19, 2009


1 What's one trait that would instantly make you dislike a person?
2 Can money buy happiness?
3 Kate Moss. Discuss.
4 What is your dream career?
5 If you were a Harry Potter character, who would you be?


Nigel said...

1. Well, I like to think I'm quite open-minded and try to find the good in everyone but if someone doesn't make the effort in a conversation, it pisses me off.
2. No.
3. Don't really know very much about her, but too skinny for my liking. Get a few meals down your gullet and we'll talk, k?
4. Writer.
5. Apparently I look like Malfoy, when I slick my hair back at least, but, personality-wise I'd probably say I'm like a Ravenclaw... Not a particular character, just an extra. If I had the choice I'd like to be Ron.

Emma said...

I would love to be a writer too! Any kind of writer... screenwriter, magazine columnist, football journalist, or film critic... it's all gravy!

Nigel said...

Absolutely. I want to, scrap that, I HAVE to write a book before I die. It's just that every time I write, it's so clich├ęd and reads like it was written by an 8 year old. FML.

Edward Copeland said...

1 Prejudice
2 No, but it sure can make things easier
3 Is Kate Moss even worth discussion?
4 I'm afraid my chance for that has passed, but I would have liked to have been a novelist or an actor.
5. I like the movies fine, but I'm not sure I could pick a character. Perhaps Snape, but just because I like Alan Rickman.

J.D. said...

01. Close-mindedness of any or all varieties.
02. It can buy the means or setting to be happy. It doesn't a lot tho.
03. Skinny whore.
04. Film director. That or bust.
05. Luna probably.

Emma said...

Joe, your thoughts on Kate Moss = my thoughts on Kate Moss. I honestly don't know why everyone in England is so obsessed with her. She's a fecking coke-snorting stick insect!

Luna! ♥ You've definitely got the idiosyncratic quality. :) Who would I be?

Catherine said...

01. Rudeness. Total turn off.
02. No.
03. No comment.
04. Published novelist (I sense a trend...)
05. Like Nigel, I'm definitely a Ravenclaw.

the misomaniac said...

1. people with a ridiculous sense of entitlement. it makes me absolutely livid, yet recently, i've begun to notice it more and more. and it makes me really sad.
2. of course.
3. i've never found her very attractive, but apparnetly there are people who care.
4. i'd like to be a medical examiner. or some other job that was really fascinating yet also involving minimum social interaction.
5. probably one of the nondescript side characters.

Encore Entertainment said...

1. Stupidity. I detest stupidity. I know it makes me sound like a snob, but I cannot stand stupidity. To narrow it down, I hate bad grammar.

2.No, but it sure as hell does not hurt.

3. Kate Who? Now, Kate Winslet...that's someone real...

4. A writer - screenwriter and/or novelist.

5. I did this survey at, I'll send you a link soon...and I was Dumbledore.

Phate said...

1. People who are judgemental
2. Money makes me horny
3. I like her, i think her face is beautiful. I don't think much of her collections that she designed for Topshop. I don't think much of her taste in men either....apart from Depp
4. Some sort of designer...
5. I would be a dementor.

Emma said...

I don't think you'd be a dementor, Srrrrn would though. ;)

Phate said...

That's very true, my first ever encouter with Srrrrrrrnnn was very dementor like...that girl really knows how to suck the happiness out of a moment.

Anonymous said...

Susan Boyle is fit