Saturday, June 06, 2009

Oh dear, Emma.

I found yet another crudely drawn script from years back, this one ever the more embarrassing because I actually performed it in my school's Scriptwriters' Society Evening. It's really bad, rips off about a gazillion movies, and yeah, just plain sucks. Enjoy.

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anahita said...

Oh my word. I just...*giggles* I loved it. From the insane references to rupert grint (yes, I saw through that emma!! :P) to the rip off of brokeback mountain, to the slightly weird character development, to the way his wife left him when he ruined her game (LOL) and to the casablanca-ending, it was pure genius from start to finish.

and what, may I ask, is that picture?? xxx

Emma said...

'Tis Penelope Cruz in Volver.

Glad you liked it. It is a massive lol, but yeah, you can definitely tell I wrote it. :D

Just a girl said...

LOL-inducing indeed! And brave of you to post. ;-)

But also inspiring. :)


Phate said...

Oh my good god, this is wonderful. And I'm not talking about the pic of penelops's tits.

Emma said...

There's plenty where that came from, Anna, I wrote a tonne of crap when I was 13. I'll happily bung 'em up if you wanna read them. :D

@ JAG: Aww, I'm flattered. :)

Phate said...

Keep them coming! Theyre genius