Thursday, June 04, 2009

The choices we make.

I came across this scrap of paper from 2005 -


It was when I was debating what DVDs to rent for my birthday party. In the end, I went for The Motorcycle Diaries and I ♥ Huckabees, and those two choices are living proof that there is such thing as being a bit too sophisticated.

I should have gone for the last choice, Anchorman - we would have watched the film, adored it, and had a great ol' party, like my 13th birthday party, where we saw Legally Blonde, and all the girls loved it. Instead, my mates were bored through The Motorcycle Diaries and impatient with I ♥ Huckabees' pretension, and the ensuing birthday "party" was a miserable day.

Every other birthday party I'll ever have, I'm sticking to the trusted formula of Romantic Comedies.


paul haine said...

This is why I always have the Back to the Future trilogy on permanent standby.

anahita said...

LMAO. oooh dear. My friends would be bored as well lol. I remember for my friends birthday sleep over in march, we watched the messing with zohan thing and the house bunny. whereas they loved it, I HATED it. I tried my best to at least sit through it, but I had to go on the computer after 20 minutes. They were both so BAD. so yeah, it can go both ways lol. xxx