Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who's watching you.


I won't get to do my report bitch of tonight's episode of Britain's Got Talent, nor tomorrow's episode of The Apprentice as tonight I will be revising for my last exam and then tomorrow I shall be watching the Champions League final and getting drunk. But Shaheen's on tonight, and he's a bit special, so just a reminder that you should still watch tonight's show. :)


Nigel said...

He got through! Bless him, he was so sweet at the end.

So glad Stavros Flatley got through too, they were bloody hilarious.

anahita said...

bless-his-little-socks-I-love-him-so-much!! When he was crying that his friends didn't get through - I actually teared up. So down to earth and kind. and so talented. bloody hell

and dec's attempt to pronounce an iranian name was hilarious. I love dec too. and ant. I just love this show :)

WatchingStar said...

Loved Amanda's dress.

Not even sure why the Human 'Sax' was in the semi's but the best two acts definitely got through. I do like MD's energy and strangely thought Opera and Flowers do kinda go together (though didn't think tonights bunch of flowers were that great.)