Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Thoughts on the 8 Performances on Britain's Got Talent tonight.

01. Diversity
Absolutely stunning. I loved the fusion of music, and the homage to Mission Impossible was truly innovative. The part where they threw that lad across the stage could have so easily gone wrong, but as a result, it paid off. The whole sequence was edited horribly by ITV producers, but for the awesome sequence to still show is a testmament to how amazing it was. 10/10.

02. Sue Son.
I wasn't bowled over by the piece she chose. The performance was OK, though Escala did it better, and with more people, plus Sue has an embarrasing lack of stage persona. I don't hold it against her for dropping her "friend" (and think Amanda made a good point asking what kind of "best friend" the crap keyboard player was to not support her), but there is a shifty quality to Sue that makes me think she's the kind of person who's a bit of a goon. 4/10.

03. Darth Jackson.
What a pile of shit! 2/10.

04. Natalie Okri.
Despite her being a represent of the SE London massive, I have no time for Natalie Okri, who, I feel, epitomizes the whole glory-hunting, playing the cute-card aspect of Britain's Got Sob Stories. Her voice didn't project enough and the song didn't test her vocal range. How she got into the final three is beyond me, and I am disgusted that Amanda Holden gave her her vote. Also, those tears she shed at the end made me larf so hard, as if crying ever got anyone anywhere. Hope I never see her ever again, lil' princess. 3/10.

05. Julia Midenko.
Amazing bod, but this was very inferior to her audition performance, which geniunely was rather sizzling. It's quite difficult to belly-dance to Lady Marmalade, and Midenko just ends up sliding around the stage instead. 4/10.

06. Nick Hell.
EWWWWWWWWWW. I'm sorry, but drilling holes in ones' nose is not, and never will be, my idea of talent. Mate, go home. 1/10.

07. Faces of Disco.
Crap song, the dance moves were never in synch and there was nothing new to the dance moves. Nice to see the bodies of the boys though. :) 5/10.

08. Susan Boyle.


anahita said...

oooh slightly harsher than me -

diversity - bloody genius

sue son - I like her lack of stage presence. I think she tried this time to make it more "fun" by smiling and stuff, whereas her audition was just so intense and beautiful. but I still thought she was good.

darth jackson - lmao, moving on...

natalie okri - the song was such a bad choice. It was a cute popsy song, and not a real vocal song. She sounded slightly weak.

julia midenko - I really really liked her audition, and I liked the modern song choice, but I did think it was more difficult to dance to than her previous one. She was still good though, although perhaps not finalist standard.

nick hell - didn't watch it. disgusting. urgh. just no.

faces of disco - I thought this was hilarious. Just so clever. And I don't think the dances were meant to be in sync...maybe they were though... But yeah, I really really liked them.

susan - generally don't like the song, but it was a good song to sing, and she was just very lovely. It's a bit annoying that we all know she's going to win, but she does deserve it. xx

Anonymous said...

you're actually right on this, emma -

Nigel said...

So many acts were boring the second time around. Darth Jackson was bloody hilarious the first time but this time there was no novelty factor. But I didn't get everyone's shock when he took his helmet off, he looked exactly like I expected. The stormtroopers in the background, were good though. They got a laugh from me.
Natalie Okri should come back in a few years and enter the X Factor.
Julia was just :O stunning. Dancing was alrite. But not as good as the audition. Piers and Simon soo had boners, and I think Amanda had at least a semi.
Nick Hell was really good - I loved it. Shame he didn't get to finish, and I think he freaks people out. Personally, I found it pretty exciting.
Faces of Disco, one of the old "novelty gone" acts.
Susan & Diversity were both awesome. They upped their game from the audition. Deserved winners. (Though, I said before they'd even started that it'd be those two through. And the producers so wanted them to go through, it felt quite biased).

Anonymous said...

Ant and Dec should enter. They're Newcastle fans and still managed to gurn the night away - that's talent.

WatchingStar said...

A big fan of the show so I have to have my 2 cents worth:

01. Diversity: Best on the show.

02. Sue Son.
Perfered her auditon (I agree that Escala played the song better) but wanted to see her in the finals.

03. Darth Jackson.
Why did this guy get through the auditions?

04. Natalie Okri.
Adorable, great voice but again her audition was better. Not a good song choose.

05. Julia Midenko.
I don't think she really had the belly for belly dancing but she is certainly charming.

06. Nick Hell.

07. Faces of Disco.
I love the faces, though slight overkill at the end!!

08. Susan Boyle.
What's not to like?

Anonymous said...