Saturday, May 23, 2009

I just watched Obsessed...

And I think it deserves a lot better than the pejorative reviews and meagre 3.3/10 IMDb rating that it's acquired. Obsessed is about honest family guy Derek who finds himself stalked and the object of fixation from temp worker Ali Larter. As with most things in life it's not flawless, but it definitely had things going for it.


What I didn't like
- The final third of the film, which definitely slipped into farce.
- 90% of the dialogue written for Beyoncé Knowles' character, which consisted almost entirely of cliches and stereotypical things one would expect her to say.
- Ali Larter's performance.
- It all got a bit OTT towards the end.


What I did like
- The tension, which built up very well.
- The whole Fatal Attractionesque set-up, and the fact that it was the woman-stalking-man and not vice versa.
- The chemistry between Idris Elba and Knowles as the happily married couple.
- High entertainment factor.

All in all, deserves more recognition.