Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Look Ahead to Best Original Song.

The nominees are:

O Saya, Slumdog Millionaire - A.R. Rahman; Maya Arulpragasam
Jai Ho, Slumdog Millionaire - A.R. Rahman ; Gulza
Down to Earth, WALL·E (2008) - Peter Gabriel; Thomas Newman
How I did: 100%. Then again, I did predict 5 songs.

First of all, living proof that I need to vary what I listen to on my iTunes a bit more: -

Because I felt kind, I've uploaded all three songs for you to listen to. Enjoy.

01. Jai Ho
I find it near-on-impossible to pick between Jai Ho and O Saya, as I adore both pieces of music to death. It would be like asking me to choose between a chocolate éclair or fish & chips. In the end, however, I went for the chocolate éclair Jai Ho. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh’s powerful voice, Jai Ho is the rousing victory march of Slumdog Millionaire. The title of the song translates literally to “Victory to thee”, and it plays at the end of the film, when the cast break out in a good old Bollywood dance, and, every time I hear it, that’s precisely what I want to do. A vibrant, catch crowd-pleasing, singalong. Jai Ho ends Slumdog Millionaire on the triumphant note it deserves, and for me, the words Jai Ho are still resonating in my ear.

02. O Saya
Where Jai Ho was played at the end of the film, O Saya is played at the start, and with lyrics such as “Like a ninja with speed I am nifty I hope I live till I am fifty” and “…So fast they can’t even touch me”, you just know this is an M.I.A song. Mixing her political lyrcism with Rahman’s Bollywood beats as well as a dosage of heavy heartbeat-soundalikes, O Saya is an awesome amalgam of RnB, hip-hop and not-quite-electronica, a truly weird song, whose intro lasts half the song. Although O Saya isn’t the strongest M.I.A. song to feature on the Slumdog Millionaire OST (that would be Paper Planes, which is non-original), it’s still a breathtaking, beguiling song, that accompanies the opening shots of the film perfectly.

03. Down to Earth
Played over the ending credits of WALL·E, Down to Earth is a beautiful, poignant, pretty song. The song was written and produced by Peter Gabriel with backing vocals by The Soweto Gospel Choir and the music being composed by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman, and encaptures all the themes of WALL·E, as well as serving as an ode to the beauty of our planet, "We’re coming down to the ground/We hear the birds sing in the trees/And the land will be looked after/We send the seeds out in the breeze".

Who will win: Jai Ho
Who should win: Jai Ho
Who deserved to be nominated: The Call – Prince Caspain


J.D. said...

You've listened to Jai Ho 170 times...?

Emma said...

Well, er.. yes. Yes I have.


anahita said...

Yay, definitely Jai Ho!! Except I do think it's a shame that this year they all absolutely rock - all of them deserve to win, but only one will get it.

I sound like I'm doing a voice commentary on a quiz show or something lol. Anywhoo...I'm definitely behind Jai Ho. And it would have been cool to have regina spektor up there. One day...

Besty said...

"Define Dancing" is my favourite track from the WALL-E score! I expected to see "Disturbia", "Paper Planes" and "Homecoming" on your most played.

"The Wrestler" was snubbed. :(

Emma said...

Oh, Define Dancing is a lovely track! One of Thomas Newman's many eargasms.

Homecoming and Paper Planes are complete and utter love! Disturbia is amusing because of "bung bung de dum", etc.

Enough about the song from The Wrestler, ffs! It was whiny and boring.

vicki said...

down to earth is such a lovely song. i hope that wins :)

monkey said...

free music, yay

Just a girl said...

I LOVE these two soundtracks! I plan to buy or download them ASAP. Thanks for giving me a chance to listen to them.

Also - don't know if I've told you - LOVE the new header!


Harry W said...

Emma, why have you got a picture of a banana on your iTunes?

O Saya should win. It was one of the few things I enjoyed about Slumdog Millionaire

Anonymous said...

who will win for best original song

Anonymous said...