Friday, February 20, 2009

Last night's episode of Skins ticked me off royally.

Cook is one of the most despicable characters in the history of TV. If I wasn't furious enough that Panda lost her virginity to him, he was even more contemptuous in this week's episode. The episode itself was OK - Freddie's always been nothing more than a piece of ass to me, but his story was fairly interesting and I was semi-convinced by his strong emotions for Effy. But Effy was whoretastic, and the parting shot infuriated me no end.

I hope both Cook and Effy get what's coming to them. This season really is turning to be a bit of a disappointment. Hopefully the JJ and Naomi episodes will be good.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Cook's a cunt and Effy's a slut.

vicki said...

i dont know where skins is going atm.
it seems to just be pulling out any random story they can find regardless if it makes sense or is good.
really didn't like the ending of this episode...and all the characters pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely hate Cook with ever fiber of my being, i think he is a selfish asshole. No matter how much he tells freddie "i love you mate" or whatever i don't buy it. I think he just liked having people think he's cool for the stupid shit he does for no reason. If he had a reason to act the way he does i think the writers would have given us a bit of a peek by now but they haven't so he's just an asshole for his own amusement. Gah, and the way he treats JJ, seriously i'm excited for JJ's episode just because i want to find out why JJ puts up with Cook's shit. Cook doesn't give a fuck about JJ and his condition, not the way Freddie does. I'm not going to turn this into a woo, i love Freddie and hate Cook thing, because that is not what this is about. Even if Freddie wasn't present i would hate Cook, i hate all people who act the way he does. Seriously this episode i wanted to murder Cook, not only the way he just uses Effy for sex (although she does the same, don't give me that crap about her caring about him, he gives her attention that she wants right now with her parents and everything...okay i'm going to stop defending Effy because that a different story) and the fact that he had sex with Freddie's sister and then voted against her, i don't care if that show was incredibly stupid that is a dick thing to do to your best mate's sister! Cook is just a self-center, attention whore who only cares about getting laid and not about the people he hurts. I hate him and i would love to see him get killed off the show or better yet his "friends" realize what a douche he is and leave him to have no one to pay attention to him so he commits suicide.