Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Uses of Music in Skins.


In last week's episode, when Pandora lost her virginity, Kanye West's Love Lockdown played sadly in the background. This was a transcendent moment, one of those moments when the usage of music is so amazing that I get shivers from what I'm watching - much like with About Her in Kill Bill: Vol. 2 and Paper Planes in Slumdog Millionaire. I think it was the combination of the fact that I'm used to hearing Kanye either through a) my phone ringtone (Homecoming - every time I receive a phonecall I usually delay answering the phone because I wanna listen to the song for a bit, how sad and b) on the dancefloor, as well as the African drumming of the song which evoked memories of Pandora's romance from the previous episode, thus quietly reminding us who she should have been losing her flower to.
Anyway, it got me thinking as to what my top 5 usages of music in Skins have been -

01. Hometown Glory - Adele // when Cassie runs and runs and runs

02. Love Lockdown - Kanye West // when Panda loses her virginity

03. Limit To Your Love - Feist // Tony/Maxxie episode of season 2

04. Old Fashioned Morphine - Josie Holland // when Cassie, in heartbreak, ODs

05. When she kisses me - Jonathan Richman // when Jal and Chris kiss

Runner up: Tricky - Hell Is Around the Corner // when Michelle dances with Sid in the "Sid" episode

What does everyone make of the new season of Skins, by the way? I don't think it's a scratch on the previous two, and Effy's proving to be nothing but a selfish little whore. Also, Jack O' Connell, who was so terrifying and strong in Eden Lake (yes, strong, Martin!), plays Cook, perhaps one of the biggest knobbers in the history of television (I got a great amount of grim satisfaction in seeing him beaten up in episode 2). I am really liking Panda though, she's like an airy, more innocent and less anorexic version of Cassie. Naomi's also a good character, she gets some of the best lines. I also like JJ, and Freddie is just beyond pretty.


Dave said...

I LOVED the use of Adele... which is why I was pissed off when my DVD had another (and far inferior) track instead. WHY? They replaced MGMT as well.

This series isn't as good, but I'll keep watching. Panda is fantastic and I'm liking Emily and Naomi too. Cook is awful though; at least Tony was sometimes sympathetic. I just have no interest in watching Cook whatsoever.

Plus I miss Cassie. A lot.

Emma said...

Same, I'll keep watching because, well, it's Skins, even though the show has been disappointing this season. I think the Thomas and Pandora episodes were very good, though, it's just Cook that ticks me off. I think the Emily/Naomi romance is really cute.

I miss Cassie too! And Sid, Maxxie and Chris.

Marco Gennuso said...

"I'm Loose" - C.L.A.M.
Season 1 ep 8 "Effy", when Sid & Cassie are in the diner.

Anonymous said...

Britney Spears when they stole the car.

Marcia said...

It's All Over - Broken Family Band.

I think it was the ep that Tony got hit by the vehicle in. Not sure, but it's an amazing song.

New season is okay. I'm still pissed they offed Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I cant get this song out of my head. What song starts when Pandora hugs Thomas?

really need help anyone?

Emma said...

You mean when he comes back from Congo? I do believe it's Low by Breaker: http://www.sendspace.com/file/c7n91b

Just a girl said...

Dammit! Why is this out Down Under yet?! How I miss it so...

I'm listening to Paper Planes right now, it's part of the Fresher Mix Tape for 09.


Anonymous said...

Low by Breaker thats it! Cheers

Emma said...

Yay, glad to be of service!

Anonymous said...

its "breaker' by low, not "low" by breaker hahaha

Anonymous said...

Dragonfly- m. craft

When Tony carrys Effie away from the sports bar after shes been drugged. He is so shaken up and just looks defeated as he holds his unconscious sister, and the song plays so well.

Anonymous said...

i loved dr meaker-all for you
i think it was in season 2 part 5

Pramod said...

Jill Valentine - Turn away run away Season 3 Episode 09

Dirty Epics - We'r coming up
Season 4 Episode 08

Pedro - Fear & Resilience
Season 4 Episode 05

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